The rumor of me being the next President of Haiti

I want to welcome everybody to my Monday blog and as Nostradamus predicted, so did I… Steelers have won the Super Bowl. LOL.  But I must say the Cardinals gave them a run for their money.

I want to thank all those that have read my first blog from six days ago. My prediction for today’s blog is that it will get a lot of media attention because of what I’m about to talk about. I am going to talk about Nel Ust Wyclef Jean as the next President of Haiti and where did this come from and will I run for office.

Well, let’s start by me asking you a question. What was the name of my group, The Fugees, first CD to hit the market? The name of the CD was called “Blunted on Reality”, which came out in 1994. When this CD came out, my group was struggling to get a spotlight in the main arena. If you weren’t an underground hip hop head, you probably can’t name one song from this CD. The album, “Blunted on Reality” meant that we were high on what was going on around us. Now, what was important on this CD was the skit that I created to show how young Haitians, like myself, were portrayed at the time in America. The skit started with Prize, one of my group members, asking a girl to go out on a date.  Once she found out he was Haitian, she replied, “ewww, I aint known you was Haitian, you stink!”. You see, in my school they use to say Haitians have HBO and when I asked what was HBO, they laughed and said Haitian Body Odor. They also called us “Aids carriers” and “boat people”, also demanding that we go back to our country.

Hip hop music during high school allowed me to voice my feelings, opinions, frustration, anger, joy and pain through beats and rhymes. I became the number one rapper in my school, going by my first name, Nel but making it sound cooler as a rapper, I called myself Nelly Nel. What I did, was use battle rhymes, similar to the movie “8 Mile”, so I could get respect as the best rapper in school. For I know, once they respected me as the best rapper, then they would respect the Haitians and stop teasing and beating on them as much as they did. At the time when I did this, I never thought that there would be a rumor circulating about me running for the Presidency of Haiti.  It just felt like the right thing to do, being that, that’s where I came from. There’s an old quote that says, “You don’t know where your going, unless you know where your from”.

Now lets quantum leap into 1996, when The Fugees performed at the Grammy Awards and I wore a Haitian flag on my head. I did this because I knew 20 million people were watching and if kids from Haiti saw this, they would know that I had achieved a level of success.  Through my success, they would feel successful knowing that now they need not be ashamed of where they come from, but be proud of their Haitian heritage. At the  time when I did this, I never thought that there would be a rumor circulating about me running for the Presidency of Haiti.

Let’s quantum leap again to the World Cup; Wyclef and Shakira. A billion people watching so I wore the Haitian flag again on my head to send the signal to the international community that there’s a new generation of Haitians on the rise, so they can’t count Haiti out of the race. At the time when I did this, I never thought that there would be a rumor circulating about me running for the Presidency of Haiti.

So if I was really campaigning for President, my campaign would had to have started in high school.  It makes me chuckle when the cynics criticize my work and say I do what I do because I have political ambitions.  For they don’t know that I never searched for stardom – stardom found me. I’ve never searched to be President of Haiti, this is the talk of the people, WANTING me to be President. This is the voice of the youth, wanting me to run for President. My mission in life is similar to my father’s mission, when he was alive, to touch and change people’s lives.  Writing music has allowed me to do this. I am grateful for my parents for getting me to America and I do believe, the United States of America is the land of opportunity.  So I seized the opportunity to exercise my freedom of speech through my music – but I am not a puppet, nor a Muppet. I did not come on Earth to sing or dance and drink the wine of the King, then go to my bed and fall asleep until the sunrise. We must help raise Haiti out of poverty.   As the sun rises, we need Haitians in Haiti, but without Haitians that live abroad, the country cannot benefit its true potential. Take me as an example, the most famous Haitian living in America today. If I never made it in America, what dream would I had to offer Haiti? If Haiti said to me “we do not want you to come back to our country.  You are no longer a Haitian because you have dual citizenship”. I say to the people of the world, knowledge is key.  That’s why we travel to get the knowledge, but we should be able to take the knowledge back home and share seats with the government…with the people.

We must not be blocked, nor stopped because of our dual citizenship.  This is where the problem lies. Just because we left Haiti, does not mean we can’t go back to Haiti. If you want people to take you serious, you must take yourself serious, get past the politics and let us start to deal with the real issues. If we do not act now, the ship will keep on sinking.  So I say to those who will worry about if I will be the next President, worry about the role you will play as a citizen of your land to help get it out of being the poorest country of the western hemisphere. For I have started my part, with a foundation called Yele Haiti ( When I started the organization, I said it would not be a charity, for it would be a movement – a non-political movement.  Therefore, I don’t need to be President.  I feel like I will be more beneficial to Haiti by not being it’s President.  Join us in the rise of Haiti, not in the downfall of Haiti. For the future ahead lies great difficulty.  Like I said on 60 Minutes, I plan to leave a big dent and hope Haitians and non-Haitian kids get inspired all around the world and turn the dents into cement, turning the cement into buildings. 

I leave you with these words of wisdom.. You should have bet on the Steelers. LOL.      



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