Wyclef Jean’s “On Tour” Episode Four

100 Days

To all my fellow bloggers:   your boy wyclef, a k a preachers son, aka will I am.  LOL!  let’s get right into it.  

Obama’s 100 days:   when I think of history, I think Obama is bringing the values of America back.  so, yes I am proud of America.   there is no where to go but up now. number 43 took us as low as we can go.  so let us give our President full support!  It will be marked in history that his first 100 days was a test to see if he would last.   but not only will he last, he will get a second term.

My Words of Wisdom:  Behold they say the truth will set you free.  I say the truth will hold you captive, unless the truth you speak of, are your own words and not the words of the liar.  for the angel of light is the devil,and truth be told he has convinced the world that he don’t really exist.


Wyclef Jean’s “On Tour” (with Nelson Mandela) – Episode Two

Good Friday

I can’t help, as the preacher’s son, on this Friday, to talk a little bit about the last supper.  

There are many debates about if Christ was the son of God or not.  It was Mary Magdalene there on the side of Christ, at the last super.  

In my humble opinion, I feel like Good Friday represents a time of reflection for all mankind.  Would you sacrifice yourself so that another can live?  Easier said then done.  So we should admire people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and others who put themselves on the line so that we can be here today.  

So I ask you, who is God!   Are we the sons and daughters of God?  If so, then Jesus Christ is the son of God.  For it is said, let us make man in our own image.  Some say the highest being of spirituality is God.  Therefore, he can come in all forms and so he did as the son of man.  Some may say to me there is no such thing as God.  I say to you, until you experience spirituality with your inner soul, you are right, there is no such thing as God in your Life. But one day you will do as Saul did on his way to Damascus and your name will be change from Saul to Paul.  

Yes, I do believe that Mary Magdalene was at the last supper.  Been said that she was the closest to Christ.   If you knew that you were gonna die before you go, would you not want your closest friend next to you?

Enjoy your Good Friday and peace be with you all.


“On Tour” – Episode One

Wyclef Jean’s Video Blog – Episode Seven

The latest…

I just got back from Florida again. I’ve been working really hard on this new album.   I can only hope all is well and hope that you really understand how much your words inspire me when I read your comments.

We are putting the final touches on a new blog movie called “On Tour”.  The whole thing is shot on camera phones and will be a hit.  It will premiere here first, so check-in to see when Episode One is live.

To my man that wants me to pull the zonda out of the garage… I will one day!  I promise.   For now, I’m looking for an electric car, but no scientist has yet to master the technology.

I leave you with these words of wisdom:  A man left with a trillion dollar deficit to clean up these United States of America should not be criticized, but should be praised!



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