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It’s your boy Wyclef, aka preacher’s son, aka where my money at, aka President Obama’s lawyer!  Let’s get right on it.

I saw the comments about Chris Brown and Rihanna.  Someone said, “I think even if he was abused by his dad, it’s still a cop out.  He can be forgiven, but it can’t be forgotten.”  One comment was the ever so popular, “If i can’t have you, no one will.”  I loved the words of wisdom that i was given by one of the readers:  “You always hurt the ones you love” then the writer went on to say, “What happened to my love is your love?”  I thank everyone for their comments.  Please keep the discussion healthy.  I’m clear we all will not agree on everything, but we can come to some common ground – or maybe not – but i love it all.  It’s called life. 

Well, yesterday was an eye-opener for me.  I was with Queen Latifa and Angie Martinez from Hot 97.  I myself, have been affected by friends and family that did not understand how to seek help when faced with foreclosure.  Banks and financial institutions spent the last decade lending money and lending money and lending money irresponsibly.  Now they want to come and take these homes from the same people they set up to fail?!?

I myself, whom has several homes, learned of a foreclosure on one of my very own properties by reading it on TMZ.  What the hell?  How does that happen?  It happens because someone just was unaware of the help that is available through hotlines such as HOPE NOW, and that council is available to walk you through options and mostly, simplify what is a very scary process.  I learned so much the other day because I have people that handle things for me, so even I do not have to deal with these issues  myself.  It is important for people in the communities to see all of us out there.  We are just regular people experiencing the same things.  The difference with us, is we can bring cameras, press and attention.   And hopefully, save some people from losing what they worked so hard for.  It is so much deeper for me, because we kicked off the campaign to save homes and educate homeowners in the community I grew up in.  I felt right at home because after leaving Brooklyn, Jersey is where I was raised.  I went to High-School in Newark, NJ – Vailsburg High – so it was important to restore hope again and let people know that we are all in this together.  

I met families that were struggling to see how they can keep their homes.  What hurt me was seeing the kids who are being forced to go from shelter home and shelter home to survive.  This is where we all must say to Congress, stop procrastinating on the stimulus package.  The longer we wait, the more kids who suffer.  People say to me, “Why Newark?”  I say, this was my stomping ground.  The streets of Newark helped shape me into the tuff cookie that I am today.  It is where I got my street smarts.

Let me say this on another note back to CB and Rihanna.  I think he should seek psychiatric help so that he never snaps again.  Yes, we all agree that no man should ever put their hands on a women – starting with my momma, sista, daughter, wife.  Let us men protect the women – for without women we would have never been!   My advice to all those that want to smack their girl in the face and break her jaw…before you do that, get out of the car and run.  Run Forest Run.  Don’t look back.  Run because you put your hands on her and someone will put their hands on you, my brother.  But I say this to you all that agree and disagree.  I say to you all now that are wanting the head of this young man…He without sin, let him step forward.   For I feel we should forgive, even if we don’t forget.

I have no words of wisdom today.  For my words of wisdom were when I read the comments that were sent to me.  I learned a lot, thank you.  I can’t wait for you to see next weeks video blog.  Tell a friend to tell a friend that there’s a new blogger in town!




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