New Music off The New EP

“Election Time”


Sunday Sermon: Mentality of the Lion

I write to you today from my hands to your eyes. Behold the words of the wise but yet the fool. Seek not for words of comfort, but words of confrontation. For war is not the way of life. But for some a city that is at war makes it easy to sell the firearms. But if a city is peaceful, there is no need for arms. They say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Believe not these words if you are poor because I was once poor and a poor man’s destiny cannot be decided by a rich man. So therefore, as the richer get richer, the poor shall rise from poverty and become wealthy. Let’s not feel sorry for ourselves but feel sorry for those that can’t find a way out. So they turn to the arms for survival in this concrete jungle. For I am from the Jungle. Therefore I understand the mentality of the Lion. So #warriors, believe not in failure, for success lies ahead.


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Pre-Order If I Was President: My Haitian Experience Now Avail Dec. 7

If I Was President: My Haitian Experience


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“Election Time” Official Music Video

This video was shot in Haiti with an all Haitian cast and Crew. I want you all to see the otherside of Haiti that you don’t see everyday in the news.

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If I Was President – My Haitian Experience will be available on Itunes December 7th. Pre-Order your copy today!

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World Premier of “Election Time” Music Video AOL BoomBox

The Video Premier of the new song “Election Time” is now showing at the

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