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    This was the first time I’ve had the opportunity to view these wonderful videos and it was really great to “ride along” with you and the band… thanks so much for sharing Clef, it was amazing fun!

    Here are some of my favorite moments…

    ALL EPISODES: Jerry Wonda briefly showing his face on the camera with a big smile saying: “You know what it is!” <== What a classic… we need a Jerry Wonda ringtone!!!


    Wyclef says… "Benjamin is straight up Jesus", born 12/25/1983. "Ben slept with a woman in Africa so he can't be Jesus" and "Mary Magdalene was black", Hahaha y'all are crazy.

    Jerry filming Wyclef in his suite on Emirates Airlines… plasma screen, massage chair (Shhh… we're in a recession. Chief, isn't that what your your managers tell you all the time? Nah… we love you because you're always real & we get the samel Wyclef no matter where you are and what you're doing. Thank you for sharing Clef… your suite was def sweet!)

    Push up contest at the radio station. The personal trainer had NOTHING on you Clef!!! That's our Chief… effortless ONE HAND & ONE LEG push ups… 26 total in 30 seconds. You're amazing!

    EPISODE TWO: "To Sir With Love" LP – A look inside Platinum Sound Studios.

    The REAL GUITAR HERO – The amazing "Tap-On / Hammer-On Technique" was a real treat… what a beautiful gift Wyclef. It would be such a blessing if you could show Lauren this technique on the guitar. She'll be in NYC 3/18 thru 3/21 if you have any available time in your schedule, perhaps Lauren could come for a tour of either Platinum or Chung King. She's always wanted to meet you and has heard of my visits to your studio. I'll get in touch with Jason and see if we can work something out… wouldn't that be fun? Lauren would never be the same Chief. :)

    The Godfather – Nelson Mandela. What an incredible honor it must have been to meet him. You were so generous to share that moment… thank you Clef. This was such an extraordinary and unexpected surprise.

    EPISODE THREE: Recording at Westlake Studios in California. Incorporating Natasha singing in the background. Then at Angola Airport en route to Nigeria. Guys (Arden) got no play cuz they spoke no Portuguese – hilarious. BEAST is hysterically funny… love him!!! I especially enjoyed how you talked to the youth showing them the "overall view" of the industry, the dream… and challenging them to be greater, to think bigger, to be globally minded. Truly a lesson in one love.

    Love your red beads with the pink shirt – where did you get those beautiful red beads? I want to find something similar for my 21 daughter Lauren. Clef… she's been an enormous fan of yours since you formed the Fugees. She also plays the guitar and would love to learn the Hammer Technique.

    "Keep your head up… always, nothing but love…" Thank you for encouraging others in the midst of your work, constantly thinking of others. Those words mean more than you know to so many. You never know what someone is going through and how a simple phrase and it's ripple effect can give others hope.

    When you coined the phrase, "We're either gonna go big or go home baby"… you had no idea how big your role would become as you began to fulfill your destiny in Haiti and around the world. Your mother said it best when she told you that you were designed for a greater purpose… the music was the vehicle to that greater purpose which is being used to bring healing and restoration to the beautiful land of Haiti. Your celebrity and diplomatic status gives you the power to implement the vision God gave you while the music tells your story and soothes the broken lives and tattered hearts of your people, God's people.

    Sorry for deviating from the original comment… this all just came up out my spirit. I just want you to know that you're doing it Wyclef… you're really doing it. I know your natural father and Heavenly Father are both watching and guiding you every day, ordering your steps, opening doors for you to accomplish the Will of God in your life. Thank you for your gentle compassionate heart toward your fellow human being… and thank you for dedicating your life to serve people in need so they too can have an opportunity to realize their dreams and true destiny.

    EPISODE FOUR: Alternate landing, security concerns

    WOW!!! Passed 100,000 on Twitter… NOW LOOK where you are. Warriors Warriors!!! Look out the window see 100,000 MORE!!! Now past 1,000,000 and the count today is 1,401,628 WYCLEF WARRIORS!!! Blat Blat – Congrats!!!

    On the plane en route to Nigeria…

    BEAST is the Cookie Monster… stole 10 chocolate chip cookies and now he wants to act like he's on a diet eating an orange.

    "It's a rough life"… message to Ben's former employer, Ian Goldridge of Manny's Music in New York City. Ben get's fired and talks about how rough it is flying private on a G-2.

    Emergency landing in Angola…

    Supposed to land in Port Harcourt Airport but they closed at 6pm so Wyclef team had to make an emergency landing at Calabar – Magaret Ekpo International Airport.

    Thank goodness they didn't have to land at Niger Delta

    Wyclef discusses security concerns… Nigeria threw a shoe at George Bush… I can't be like, (weaves head as if dodging shoes) <== Hysterical!!! Hahahahaha


    Wyclef… your interview with Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire was wonderful… I loved how he encouraged the youth to "keep on dreaming" that if he could do it, anyone could do it. Sounds like something your protege would say… made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

    Loved "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat at the Nickelodeon Upfronts performance. LOVED the "Sweetest Girl" performance with you and Colbie… Wyclef ad libs "your dreams can come true". When you took control of the crowd… that's when the party started… as always. Nice!


    Airport blog from Miami… To Sir With Love… is one of my favorite movies of all time. I wish you would have kept the album name but maybe you'll use this title for a future project. Looking forward to hearing the whole LP "Wyclef Jean". Historia is still my favorite… def a #1 song. I'll never forget watching you record that night with the crew… amazing. Thanks again for sharing Clef.

    Always One Love,

    Your Sis… Liz :)

  2. Hi Clef

    There, now exists, an opportunity of historical proportion as never before to bring positive transformative change to Ayiti via her diaspora sons, daughters and you in particular.

    I know that you care deeply about Ayiti and she is too rich to be poor.
    You flew ble e rouj high when successful others were hiding it.

    I do not like the press coverage so far and I would like to volunteer and help your campaign..

    J. Garet

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