Wyclef New Album Music

We Made It (Produced by The Runners)


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Daddy Was A Good Man

Classic Dad in Cowboy Hat

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More Bottles (featuring Timbaland)

Wyclef - More Bottles Promo Artwork

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Mr Autotune (featuring Nick Cannon)


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  1. I can’t wait for your new album to drop!

  2. I can’t wait man!

  3. Hey bonjour wyclef! Sa va bien ses jours? Pas trop de travail? Keep up the good work man, next album your going to kill it. But just one sugestion, call up Krevits Man you have to do a song with. I know you like him, me to man. you guy’s are my fave, but I listen to your music. Well that,s it for me man. Prend soin de toi et de tes proches.

  4. All the songs are great. With We made it & More bottles I’m loving the Reggae hinted Hip Hop sound. It’s also important though that we have some of that raw, personal, vulnerable sounding music with just you and the guitar (i.e. Daddy was a good man). I hope the balance is right on the album.

    I have one suggestion

    Video idea for Daddy Was a Good Man

    You are a cleaner at night in the Giants stadium with a small boy who will play your son in the video. You go around cleaning then you come to one of those Executive box areas that has a clear view of the field and you notice there is a spotlight on the middle of the field. You go out there to see what’s happening and you notice the light is shining on a stage that has instruments and a microphone. It could then end one of two ways: either you start playing with your son and the E street Band and Bruce Springsteen join in, or a bunch of ghosts of famous musicians show up and join you.
    I think either one would be a dope idea, however the Bruce and the E Street idea would definately be cheaper.

  5. trying to find out if you will still be having the more bottle remix

  6. O seu blog é muito bom.

  7. Hi Wyclef this is the only way we could think to contact you and we hope this gets to you. We are a hip hop/rap/reggea group from Detroit called the Blood Brother Rebels. One of the main reasons we wanted to contact you was because our “Rebel” mentality and image is something we feel you would be able to relate to. We know that you are very busy but if you can ever find some time check us out on myspace.com/bloodbrotherrebels. Our email is bloodboys88@yahoo.com. We dont know if you are still looking for new talent through your clef records but if you are interested, we are artists that transcend a new school feel but still carry a message and we deliver it through singing and rapping. Hopefully this gets to you, if it does check us out if you can.. thanx

  8. Hey I’m loving all the new music. One request for another song. I don’t know if there’s a copyright restriction but I absolutely love that new rendition of Cat Steven / Yusuf Islam’s “If you want to sing out” you did for the T Mobile commercial. I hope it finds its way onto the album. Keep the hits coming!!

  9. “Daddy Was A Good Man”
    For me, my mam Is a good woman, mam had been worked for cleaner @ office, hospital…etc..even she had a cancer..she is OK now..I feel so bad I used to wanted to hide about her occupation n …my past..how I grown up…
    Always wishing to be a rich…why I wasn’t born with rich family….
    But not any more…because of my family and my past, I can feel many peples’s harts and try to care about others..
    Anyways, this is touching…SONG.
    Please keep up the good work!!

    Excited to hear the “The Haitian Experience” this SUMMER!!

  10. […] Foto pantallazo blog del artista […]

  11. As Francis Bacoon Says: ” L´homme est le forgeur de son propre destin, l´artisan de son malheur comme de son propre bonheur” So we need to have your heart and courage to transform a very hard past in an agreable present and a promising future. I love the songs and your heart to serve. Haiti really needs you to keep going. Gragratulation!!! your musics are excellent and your message through your song is motivating. .

    God bless you.

  12. very good

  13. yo peace bro n good job love ya music so well

  14. Hi has anyone heard from Wyclef and did he do his latest album and is it for sale yet?
    I don’t know because I’m in Au. and there’s only a single available for sale on iTunes it’s a duet with Desiree.
    Please someone answer me I’m SOO Worried.

  15. The Name of his latest Single is;
    “Deep Down In My Heart”

  16. Ah, the music is nice Wyclef/ I really love “We Made It” and “Daddy Was a Good Man”.

    I am a member of Coolbone from New Orleans. Steve Johnson, the bandleader, told me I should talk with you about my band, “The Renaissance Project (TRP),” to see if you could help us out with getting to a much bigger audience. We mix Hip Hop/Jazz/Rock in our music that is very personal [we are intimate with our audience].

    Steve told me to tell you that TRP is like Coolbone on steroids lol.

    I would be happy for feedback to go on with the conversation.

    Mr. Isaac Jolly


  17. wad up clef u r killing it doug…big ups…

  18. When your day is turning into night, and your life seems to be fading away so fast. Be strong! Don’t get it all wrong, for life is like a mountain to climb, an ocean to cross, and sometimes, your loneliness takes you across a desert, where the rule of walking in life tells you how to slowdown, and take one step at a time, for there is no mountain too tall, no ocean too vast, and no desert too lonely. You can only conquer your dreams, when you stay stronger, for without pain, there would be no gain.

  19. kolaveri mp3…

    […]Wyclef New Album Music « Wyclef Jean's Blog[…]…

  20. clef i like to know where ‘s the fuggees at the old time .i think that you could do something better .please let ‘s go back from the beginning blother .check on my facebook i got a song call know about it please sing it for me

  21. wyclef you need to make a reggae album with just singing man nuff people think so dred

  22. Good Afternoon, Where can is the single “Historia” being sold. I love the song.

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