Emergency Concert for Iran

What up to everyone on the blog. This is a special performance for all my people in Iran.
Equal Rights and Justice.

Twitter Jam Session

In honor of reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter I bring to ya’ll an exlusive live performance from Platinum Sound Studios.

Live Acoustic Performance of Sweetest Girl

Wyclef, Jerry Wonda, and Niia perform a special acoustic rendition of “Sweetest Girl” from Platinum Sound Recording Studios NYC.

Live Concert for Facebook

Penthouse Performance from Platinum Sound Studios for all the fans on facebook.

Daddy Was A Good Man Memorial Day Acoustic Performance

This one goes out to all the Veterans and fallen soldiers. Put your lighters up time to unite for peace.

More Bottles Memorial Day Weekend Jam Session


  1. Great CONCERTS.. That girl has an amazing voice man.

  2. Hi Wyclef this is the only way we could think to contact you and we hope this gets to you. We are a hip hop/rap/reggea group from Detroit called the Blood Brother Rebels. One of the main reasons we wanted to contact you was because our “Rebel” mentality and image is something we feel you would be able to relate to. We know that you are very busy but if you can ever find some time check us out on Our email is We dont know if you are still looking for new talent through your clef records but if you are interested, we are artists that transcend a new school feel but still carry a message and we deliver it through singing and rapping. Hopefully this gets to you, if it does check us out if you can.. thanx

  3. Hey Wyclef,

    Thanks for your rythm in my world. You’ve been an inspiration. It was nice meeting you some years ago on my massage table in Helsinki – stop by again if you are in town.


  4. WoW I need to look at Germany differently,So glad to know that the world is still a caring place , And that it will rise to the occasion,Thanks Germany,that gesture of kindness just gave all Humans a new lease on life, and took away some of the doom and gloom!

  5. gostaria de saber a agenda de show deste ano.
    moro no Brasil e amo o wyclef de paixao e queria saber qual o país mais proximo que ele irá fazer shows.
    I would like to know the agenda of this year’s show.
    I live in Brazil and I love wyclef of passion and wanted to know the country closest to it will do shows.

  6. American Idols Live Tickets Consol Energy Center…

    Most people aren’ t super fans. Most are doing good to know you exist… but everyone has some favorite stars. If those star’ s existence becomes so tenuous they suck up all available dollars down- market….

  7. Wyclef I leave in sweden and I really would love to go to your concert but I cant beacuse its so far away. I really hope you can come to Europe in the future.


  8. hi sir, i just get that way to see if i could find you to tell you that my dreams is to make a song with you, my name is christ modesto jean a haitiane rappe in spanish and a good song writer on spanish and also english, i wish you see that text, this is my conctat: phone:1-649-343-7634 : email: thank you mr. wyclef jean

  9. Yo man,, I’m just all hyped up and on the edge while waiting for that magic moment in the bean town this coming April. I look forward to great things that will happen during that even.
    Welcome back “prodigal son”

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