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Warrior “Carnival”

Special performance of “Carnival” for all the Warriors @ The St Jean Montgolfieres Balloon Festival. If your a Warrior this one is for you. Carribean, Haitian, American, European, Asian, African Warriors! STAND UP! LETS GO!

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“Gone Till November” Live from St Jeans

Checkout this performance of “Gone Till November” from the St Jean’s Music Festival in Canada. The crowd and vibes were crazy at St Jeans, big up to all the Canadian Warriors!

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Behind The Scenes: Mandela 46664 Concert

Exclusive Behind The Scenes Footage you cant find anywhere. Check out as my cousin Jerry Wonda and I giving you a view of the award show from The Green Room, To Rehersals, To The Stage. Featuring appearances from Morgan Freeman,, Cindy Lauper, Lil Kim and More. Welcome to The Clef Zone: From The Hut, To The Projects, To The Mansion. No Excuses.

“Voodoo Jazz” Live from Montreux Jazz Festival

Wyclef is a Fugee but you should check out how i was able to do “The Score” its because jazz was part of my youth. Check out the original Jazz Fusion composition “Voodoo Jazz”. Special introduction from my Godfather Quincy Jones

“Fast Car / Power Cut Jam” Live From
Montreux Jazz Festival

Warriors I bring to you a live performance of “Fast Car” and Special Power Cuts Vibe Session from The Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Featuring Jerry Wonda, The Band and yours truly.

Behind The Scenes: BET Awards

The Red Carpet Exclusive – Checkout all the action from the red carpet, as your boy Wyclef and Jerry Wonda bring you guerilla footage that you’ve never seen before. Featuring guest spots from Alica Keys, Soulja Boy, P Diddy and much more. Welcome to The Clef Zone. Warriorz Let’s Go!

Behind The Scenes: BET Awards
On The Way

Check out the Video Blog from on our way to the BET Awards: Featuring Jerry Wonda, The Fans, and Myself. Stay tuned much more to come, exclusive footage from Backstage, The Red Carpet, and The Front Row.

Technology Interview @ The 140 Twitter Conference

Checkout this interview with my good friend Chris Sacca @ The 140 Twitter Conference in NYC. We discuss the current state of technology and how it has affected the lives of everyday people and the music industry.


  1. Everybody is looking for the next new model!!! who`s going to win that battle?


  3. Hi Wyclef this is the only way we could think to contact you and we hope this gets to you. We are a hip hop/rap/reggea group from Detroit called the Blood Brother Rebels. One of the main reasons we wanted to contact you was because our “Rebel” mentality and image is something we feel you would be able to relate to. We know that you are very busy but if you can ever find some time check us out on Our email is We dont know if you are still looking for new talent through your clef records but if you are interested, we are artists that transcend a new school feel but still carry a message and we deliver it through singing and rapping. Hopefully this gets to you, if it does check us out if you can.. thanx

  4. I hope your well.
    I’m sorry for the plight of your people, and I would like to share this with you that I found that might help much if got to the right people planning the rebuild of your countrymen’s home!

    I’m writing this letter to you as I’ve been watching the news on Haiti and feel for the plight off these people but as I have not a lot off money and cannot help in a big way except i was reading about cheap strong housing and was impressed with a YouTube clip on this strong cheap and for a country that has to think about rebuilding and does not have a lot of money! this is the perfect solution I think and if you like what I was thinking maybe a suggestion to the right people from some many people listen with great respect,such as yourself! might give these poor people a chance to erect strong housing quickly an option that could help in a short time fix or relive their housing problem. Can you help?
    Please if I’m wrong? tell me.

    Sincerely Your Freind

    Mr Lee Campbell

  5. Hey! Jerry W., Renel D. Wyclef…What’s Good my Warriorz?
    You have done well to the many Challenges that You have faced in the Past, but by Far Haiti’s Tragedy is And will be The Ultimate One out of them All. At a Time like These, Haiti needs Heroes and You have by far proven to be Considered One of Those qualified Heroes, I am Proud Of You Man!…Haitian People needed You to come through More than Ever, and You have always shown Great Patriotism to Our Beloved Land, and have Succeeded that task…But the UltimateTest Has not Yet Began!!!

    Why has not Laureen Hill (L-Boogie) come Forth to Show her Respect to The Death Of Many and The Living That are so Traumatized by Such Unfortunate Blessing…

    You Must Restore Balance!!! The Ones You Left Ashtray!!!

    You’re at a Better Position now to Uplift The Spirit of not Only The People of Haiti And the World, But Also to The Ones You Left behind as Stepping Stones….Look into Your Heart And Tell Me that You Care!!!

  6. Hi clef my name is Jessie. I wrote a song about unity between Haitian I would like you to hear and sing it. It is beautiful and tauching you will fall in love for it. I am leaving in Fl my email is djessmy@yaoo fr get in tauch with me for my phone number please!

  7. Hy WY always my role model am gonna upload a video of me singing my composed songs very soon hop u’ll transform my life by helping me sor.

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