Clef Notes

Sunday Sermon – The Pharisees

My sermons are just conversations between us, as always they are up for debate. For I am far from holy, nor do I claim to know anything. I just thirst for knowledge.

If there is anyone on twitter that have never committed a sin in their entire life please step up!  We await you holy one. There are those that are sitting in church right now, acting as they are so holy that when they went to the bathroom it would smell like fresh flowers. Beware there are those that are waiting for you to fall flat on your face. Just so they can say to you, I told you so!

Pharisees went to Christ and said,

“Listen Pimp this Ho been acting up, we going to beat her to death”

Christ said,

“He with out sin cast the first stone”

The Pharisees had to put their rocks down and walk away because they new deep in their hearts they had more sins then the streetwalker. How quick are we to criticize before examining ourselves.
To be able to truly help people you have to start by facing your own demons, and not blame people for your failures.

So I ask, Do u know your demons?!? Or are you so holy that you are washed in the blood of Christ? For even Christ himself has faced the devil.

Until you fall, you will not know what it fells like to walk. You know some cant face self when they post up the best profile pic that they can find of themselves on twitter knowing they don’t really look like that. True beauty is eternal. For no matter how beautiful the flesh looks, we will turn back to dirt then maggots. However, our souls will be young forever.

What should we do with him? They said he has committed adultery. I told them he without sin cast the first stone, then they left Tiger Woods alone. You have heard not to commit adultery, but I tell u that anyone who looks at a women lustfully has already committed adultery with her or his heart.

That was from Matt Chapter 5 verses 27 and 28

We are all human. Our day will come too, when the Pharisees will say to stone us and the son of man will say he without sin cast the first stone!

I will leave you with some clef proverbs:

– Ladies if you catch him cheating before killing him, its better that you leave him.

-They say misery likes company so find your self some new company

-Being free spirit makes the bedroom much more interesting.

Just because he got a gun don’t mean that he has a reign on you. For the real king moves with soldiers.

-Its better to listen then talk.

Fellas love your woman like you love yourself.

Fellas make sure that she is satisfied first, for if not the bedroom will be a routine.

Stop putting up them fake ass profile pics of yourself looking like a super model! Its ok, true beauty is in the heart!

Sunday Sermon – False Prophet

My sermons are just conversation between me and you. They are always up for a good debate. I start today by telling you to beware of False Prophets.

If someone tells you they come in the name of Jesus, nine times out of ten they come in the name of Satan. A False Prophet comes with the Good Book in his right hand, when you turn around he stabs you with a Dagger from his left hand. When you get a promotion at work and you tell your fellow coworker he jumps for joy. However, in his heart he curses your birth, he too is a False Prophet.

Do not tell me about how Jesus changed your life. Tell me about how you change the lives of those that were on crack and you got them to Rehab. Woman do not put your faith in men, but in God. For the true prophet awaits you with open arms. You don’t gotta pay him a penny on sunday! My people in the streets told me break it down in street slang. I say be careful of those who appear real around you for they are fake!

There are so many different religions sometimes you don’t know who to trust , or who to believe. I say touch your chest, feel your heart, believe in yourself. I am not here to have you follow my faith. I’m just here to show you that the God I put my faith in has gotten me here, Ask and you shall receive.

Satan and Christ were on a mountain

Satan said to christ,
“If U Bow before me I will give you the World”

Christ Replied,
“How can you give me what is mine already!”

Bow down to no man nor women, For they are not greater then you. We are created in the likeness of the Creator, therefore we all are equal. False Prophets will come to you and say, if bow down I will give you the world. Tell them how can they give you something that is already yours!

Ladies don’t fall for that pimp talk if he tells you to Bow down you tell. Him that even he came from inside of a women! Fellas False Prophets are not just males, if she tells you she’s with her girlfriend and you catch her with your best friend she too is a False Prophet.

Just make sure that you are doing the thinking and someone else is not thinking for you. Modern day False Prophet is a Fake, a Con Artist. Someone that uses other peoples names to start conversation, just so you think they are connected. When you see that False Prophet, before he or she even starts the Conversation tell them, Be Gone Fake! For I am the Ruler of my Universe!

I leave you with Clef Proverbs:

If you like her just tell her. If you love her just tell her. If you lust her just tell her! That way it is clear from the start!

I am not concerned on how high you jump, I’m more concerned about how long are you going to stay in mid air.

No matter how bad you think you got it, someone got it worst. If you are homeless you have not a home, but if you are dead the cemetery will be your home!

There are two kinds of people: Talkers and Doers

If someone tells you they are the chosen you say so am I.

I blind can see that you have lost your Vision, yet you with eyes walk in blindness.

I am the son of a Preacher, Grandson of a Voodoo Priest, Nephew of a Mason, I am just one that believes in the God of Moses.

Please pass my sermon on to your blogs, facebook, ect. So that your people can read them. I hope I helped you today, because you help me everyday.


Sunday Sermon – Give Thanks

Whenever i send out these sermons I want you to feel its just a conversation between me and you. I start by saying Happy Turkey Day. For those that don’t eat turkey like my brother Sam, just a Happy Sunday.

I speak for those that have eaten dirt from the ground like myself, Thanksgiving should not be a holiday, but an everyday day practice. BUT be very careful from where you eat for there are those that come in the name of God, but their fruit basket is of the Devil.

If someone gives you something and keeps reminding you of what they gave you, that means they never planed on really giving it to you in the first place.

Some say “Happy Thanksgiving”, but when you turn around they are waiting for you to fall so that they can be happy. They’re filled with fake thanks!

If we really want to help on Thanksgiving we need to start by looking at our selves, what we’re doing to make a real difference in peoples lives.

There was a man once that said to me, “Wyclef I don’t believe in God, I believe in myself” and I said, “Maybe that’s because God lives inside of you.”

And beyond religion we can all agree on this; we know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, so do some good for those in need.

People, if the birds know when to fly into New York when it’s warm, and fly to Miami when it gets cold, why are we not helping the homeless out of the cold?

I ask you this question now, am I my brothers keeper?

Do not use Jesus or the other prophets to justify your actions, there are people that use God and the Devil as an excuse to shed more blood!

Behold, wherever you are on this Sunday ask yourself, are you really the change that you say you are or are you just staring at your own shadow?


u want real talk, here it is. As I’m typing on my computer, another kid just joined a gang. A child is dying of hunger right now. We can help!

We can help by saying on this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday we will find a homeless and get them something to eat, we will talk to kids in gangs.

God told me to tell you that some of you are so stubborn that the donkey is having a hard time making you drink water from the well.

If a man throws a rock at you and you throw one back you both look crazy.

This Thanksgiving holiday I will leave you with some Clef proverbs

Forgive but never forget

Dwell not in the past for we are living in present time

If you feed a dog your entire life and he bites you , it means you should have gotten a cat.

When he or she says that they want peace it is a set up for war, history tells the tale.

If you can’t stand someone on Twitter you are always free to hit block and never hear from them again.

If he cheats on you once and you forgive him and he does it again that means he will always be a cheater.

If she cheats on you and you forgive her and she does it again that means she’ll always be a cheater.

If someone is bragging about their riches, 9 times out of 10 they are usually broke. WEALTH NEVER SPEAKS! IT JUST IS!

Ladies if you let him climb your mountain make sure that he wears the proper boots.

If you’re a warrior do not disclose your beefs with other warriors on Twitter. Better you hit block and be the bigger person

A true man will defend his family no matter what it takes, while a coward runs to the field leaving his women behind.

Do not tell me what the next person said, I want to know what you’re saying

We love to lust, we must lust to love.

The preacher wants your money; God wants your soul.

Some humans are like cats so be very careful. At times they seem frightened but corner a cat against the wall and he will scratch your face OFF.

My last words: My movement will continue on Twitter, my team will keep recruiting warriors, I myself will be taking the movement to the streets next

Knock Knock

Good Evening to all my warriors and followers around the universe, thanks for the love that you showed me for my loss. My Sunday Sermon Starts.

Before i start the sermon my father inlaw would of love the fight last night, Mayweather is a true gift to the sport. As you know my sermons are conversations that are always up for debate. The mourning of death is the celebration of life so weep not for the seven heavens are smiling at our love ones.Before my sermon is over someone else will die , while a baby is being born. Someone else will cry, while a mother smiles with joy. We love our young bodies, but we to will get old and so will our kids and there kids. From dust we are from to dust we shall return.
Death lives across the street from you and is not to be trusted he will sneak in your house like a thief in the night.

“Knock, Knock, Knock…”
“Who’s there? ”
“Death Who?”
The Death you have long dreaded!”

“Knock Knock”
“Who’s There?”
“The Son of Man”
“The Son of Man Who?”
The Son of Man who rose Lazerous from the Dead! Glory!

Some people believe in reincarnation, some believe when you die it is over, I believe in the Revelations of John!

I was on a flight with an atheist he did not believe in christ. The pilot said prepare for crash landing. He then screamed Jesus save us!

Your eternal life will be decided on the fruits that you have left on earth before your departure. Are you making a change or are you just talking change. To the haters you spend too much time hating on people worry yourself what are you doing when ticking death soon comes.

As dark as this may sound it is true. I will be at a million followers on twitter by the time it reaches a mil, one of my fans will have passed. I was disturbed a few days ago when I heard about one of my warriors trying to take his own life, we are here for you always, Warriors.

If you want to prepared for death you must be prepared to live and do unto others what you want done to you. Find your love ones now and tell them that you love them for we are not promised tomorrow so lets work with today! Love.


Power of Women

Good Morning to all,

Someone sent a twit during the week and said The Bible was written from a male perspective and that it was all BS. So I will only give you my Sermon if you really want it.

Well let me start by saying give me ten minutes, I’m about to make some breakfast for the women that says PANCAKES NOW DADDY, my daughter. We can debate all day long about who wrote what and who’s perspective it came from, but we can’t debate about spirituality. A women said that babble was written from a males point of view. There is know argument the Christianity is one of the youngest religions. There are religions that’s used their point of views to brainwash women and children, even using the book to turn people into slaves. I am not walking the earth with invisibles eyes, but a third eye. In the Book of Genesis which is the beginning, Adam felt that life was not complete until Eve came in the picture. So what does Eve represent to me? A figure which represents mother of all creation. Some may call her Mother Nature. The son of man was born from the womb of a women.Wyclef Ladies

The common ground is spirituality, but I want all women to understand the good book tells us the you are the center of the universe. The Bible was written by man she twits. To her I say without women the earth would have never seen Jesus, behold the power of you women.

Happy 4th of July Weekend, let us not forget those that fought for this country and have sacrificed their lives so that we can be here today.

Mentality of The Lion

I write to you today from my hands to your eyes. Behold the words of the wise but yet the fool. Seek not for words of comfort, but words of confrontation. For war is not the way of life. But for some a city that is at war makes it easy to sell the firearms. But if a city is peaceful, there is no need for arms. They say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Believe not these words if you are poor because I was once poor and a poor man’s destiny cannot be decided by a rich man. So therefore, as the richer get richer, the poor shall rise from poverty and become wealthy. Let’s not feel sorry for ourselves but feel sorry for those that can’t find a way out. So they turn to the arms for survival in this concrete jungle. For I am from the Jungle. Therefore I understand the mentality of the Lion. So children, believe not in failure, for success lies ahead.

I leave you with these Wyclef words of wisdom. The day brings the night – then back to the day. The sun sets as the moon rises. For no matter how dark it gets the sun will rise in the east. Gamble not with the beast for you will never win because the coin that you bet heads on, has been tails all along.



The Forbidden Tree

There are many trees in the garden but the tree that has your curiosity going is the forbidden tree.  The fact that you are told that you can touch any other tree, except for this one.  Now let’s translate the trees to men and women.  Women, I ask you, is there a forbidden fruit in your life?  As you read this, he’s probably next to you.  If it was easy, you would have no interest.   You are intrigued  by the taboo of the situation.  Now I’ll speak to the men!   The same for you. You too are intrigued by the taboo of the situation.  But I say to all – beware.  I speak not as one that has never bitten the fruit, for I am human!  I’m also intrigued by the taboo.

I must start by warning myself first.  What happens after you eat the forbidden fruit?  It is no longer forbidden.  Then you start to deal with all of the side effects of the fruit!  What once made you laugh, makes you angry.  What used to be passion, has turned into casual sex.  Your conscience now haunts you every night when you sleep with he or she that was there for you, before one tree was up.   They helped you hose the garden.   It kills you inside to see you have betrayed them with the forbidden fruit!

I say to all those with these side effects, may this writing bring you back to health.

Wyclef aka the preacher son aka chocolate thunder

Sunday School

My dad named me after the english Theologian, Preacher, Translator and Reformist. Wycliffe was an early decedent in the roman catholic church during the 14th century. Wycliffe’s followers were known as lolords, they were considered rebels that preached the legalistic gospels. So thats why today we have the Wycliffe Bible. Pope Martin gave the order for all his books and his body to be dug up and burn and his ashes be cast into the river! So watch what you name your children for they will become that of what you name them! So this sunday I would like to talk about the devil! Who is he and were does he come from. It is said that the devil is the angel of light that was cast out of the heavens by God! And so everything wrong the we or someone else do we blame the devil, and everything that is good. We give God the praise.

I have been to places were the sun is there God and the Devil is there night. They give praise to the sun and curse the night. I have been to india to the temple were they have multiple gods that they worship. And they too believe in what is good comes from the gods and what is bad does not. So pass the sunday school lesson that they teach you, Do you think that everybody is going to hell if they don’t repent and confess there sins! Do you think the devils a liar or are you the liar using the devil to brainwash a group of people and take there money every sunday! Are you religious or spiritual, for religion benefits man but spirituality benefits the soul! And through spirituality is where we all find common ground; Rastafarian, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindu or whatever your faith maybe.

The word devil comes from the greek word diabolos,which means accuser or slanderer. So in my opinion if you are killing the innocent you are the devil. If you are running a child prostitution rink you are the devil. If you smile in my face and when I turn around you stab me in my back you are the devil! So stop blaming the devil, you Devil. Be not fooled for the anti-christ will come in the form of christ! So on this sunday I say to you be not fooled. The only way you can see the real devil is not with religious eyes, but eyes of spirituality!


The Power of Women Part 2

As you know, every Sunday my sermons are just conversations open for discussion.
Today I will start by representing for the females.

I would like the guys to understand why your woman has a hold on you. Here is the information that I have just received:

“WOMAN has MAN in it”
“MRS has MR in it”
“FEMALE has MALE in it”
“SHE has HE in it”
“MADAM has ADAM in it”

So is that the reason men always want to be inside their woman? Men were born between the legs of a woman, yet men spend life and time trying to go back between the legs of a woman…..Why? Because there is no place like home. LMAO

Ever notice how all of women’s problems start with men? Here’s some more info that I found:

“MENtal illness,”
“MENstrual cramps,”
“MENtal breakdown”

And now for the very last one when you women have real trouble, it’s a HISterectomy!

Without a woman we would have never had the Son of Man, so behold the power of women, let us respect our women. Amen

Labor Day

As you all know my sermons are conversations which are always open for discussion. So I start by saying Happy Labor Day but do you really know what you are celebrating or is it just another holiday created by mankind to make us forget the truth. The dollar says In God We Trust so I trust that the truth about Labor Day will help you understand why we have all these parades and bashments.

The origin of the holiday comes from Canada in the 1870s, out of a labor dispute called the 9 Hour Movement, first in Hamilton then in Toronto. This fight lead to a trade union act which legalized and protected union activity in Canada in 1872.
The parade held in support of the Nine Hour Movement and the printers strike lead to an annual bashment in Canada.

Now it gets better stay with me. In 1882, American labor leader Peter J. McGuire saw one of these labor festivals in Toronto. Peter then jacked the concept from the Canadians and returned to New York n organized the first American Labor Day on September 5th of the same year.

Now the first Labor Day in the USA was celebrated on Sept 5th 1882 in NYC! But don’t get it twisted. It all happened in the aftermath of the deaths of a number of workers at the hands of the US military and US marshals – this was during the 1894 Pullman Strike. President Grover Cleveland put a reconciliation with labor as a top political priority. To avoid future conflicts, legislation making it a national holiday was rushed through congress and the bill was signed six days after the end of the strike. All 50 states have made Labor day a state holiday. This celebration of Labor Day was outlined in the first proposal of the holiday, a street parade to exhibit to the public the strength and spirit of the trade and labor organizations, followed by a festival for workers and their families.

Labor day reminds me of the days of the Romans. Whenever they wanted to cool the public down they would have a week of games so that the people could forget the truth around them, that they are slaves in a Roman Society. Yes the West Indians have taken over the Parkway but what does that really mean? We must celebrate but let us not forget the truth. Christopher Columbus, when he landed on these islands, thought he had reached India. The Indians were tricked in the mid 1840s to work on white sugar plantations as indentured labor to replace newly freed African slaves.

So as we enjoy our Labor Day weekend we must not forget that the origins of this holiday comes from the deaths of a number of workers in the hands of the US military and marshals. I am far from a hypocrite. I am living the American dream and there is no place with more opportunities than America but tell the children the truth. The dollar says in God We Trust, so I ask you, Who is your God for my God is the God of Abraham the God of Moses.

And some may say to me, Wyclef, I don’t believe in your God and I would say believe not in my God but in the truth and the truth is religion separates us at times but spirituality unites us. History is taught to us in school but the real history is hidden from us in the school library. So all I’m saying is if we are saying Happy Labor Day weekend to each other we might wanna take time out and thank Canada. lol. Amen.

The Forbidden Tree

There are many trees in the garden but the tree that has your curiosity is the forbidden tree. The fact that you are told you can touch any other tree except this one makes your curiosity run wild. By nature we want what we are told that we can’t have.

The good book speaks of the story of Adam and Eve and how once they ate the forbidden fruit, they were cast out of the Garden of Eden.
My translations of the forbidden tree are the temptations of lust verses love that we go through in our daily life. We are all intrigued by the taboo of the forbidden fruit.

As you are reading this, are you in bed with the forbidden fruit? Do you lust or do you love? What will happen when the fruit from the tree starts to taste sour? When what used to make you love makes you cry or happy makes you sad? What happens when you feel the side effects of the fruit when passion turns to casual sex?

Your conscience now haunts you every night when you lay next to the person that loves you for you have betrayed them with the forbidden fruit. After the taste of the passion fruit, does she or he still appear sexy or was it just because it was forbidden?

I speak from first hand experience. I am no saint. I have tasted the forbidden fruits from the tree and the side effects are not good ones.
If you have a prize in your hands, do not trade it in for a one night stand and be left with nothing but the thought of what was once in your hand.




  1. Should we be religiously attached to any movement or divinity? Je ne pense pas! I do believe that spirituality and heavenly consciousness are mainly the result of upbringing and cultural value. Towards the end of people’s lives, it becomes an absolute necessity because people need something to hold on to. Mainly wishful thinking! Peut-être que j’ai été élevé dans une société quelque peu sarcastique envers la religion: Vive le Québec. But I do believe that coming from a environment that didn’t force any beliefs on me gives me a general perspective on life. I do find a bit sad the schism that is created by religious affiliations. Ultimately, all religions advocate a slightly ridiculous notion: follow our teachings or perish in some sort of afterlife hell. For ages, in my province in Canada, they offered a very unilateral vision of religious beliefs through the Catholic Church. But with the diversity of people settling in urban zones, the government felt it more appropriate to change the religion class to an ethics and religious culture class. It offers an overview of the different religions without suggesting that any is better than the other.

    Alors, doit-on voir la spiritualité comme un besoin essentiel ou une curiosité culturelle? Je ne saurais dire.

  2. yo man, enough with that french bs. religion is a great tool to give humans a cause to live. also to keep dem folks on track man. i mean, imagine a perfect world where every one has same standards, same education, same chances, same color, same income, same status or whatever. if you are same as others and cant get better and better, you soon be very bored and flip out and become next jack the ripper. world needs variety, people need to be able to say “i’m better than u” or “i’ll be better than you were”. human beings are so damn stupid, they need someone to suffer, someone to be worse for them to feel better.
    i mean some bad stuff happenin around the world. can prevent that. some of it caused by nature, some by some less intelligent politics, and some by the global nature, so by all of us. people still thinks it makes a difference where you came from and not where you want to go. i mean, i’m a foreigner in western europe, and believe me, (excuse me but) although i’m light skin, i didnt get accepted by other than other foreigners. people are forced to form groups, create differences etc.stick to “their kind”.
    W writes on dem women nagging that the bible was written by a man. damn U.S. constitution was written by a few WHITE MAN during slavery. and now everyone is surprised that folks dont get equal rights. well how u wanna get something done that actually fits the next millennium, if yall stickin to some rules made hundreds of years ago? i mean most of the stuff is ok, but a lot of it isnt.
    and than comparing to bible, yeah it might have been written by a man. maybe cause back in 100AD women couldnt read or write. cause the life had other needs. i mean like c’mon, how would a woman profession look like 2000yrs ago? they didnt have corporations where women could be managers or even secretaries. role of a woman was strict and that was to take care of the house and kids, cause MEN where busy working on some MEN stuff. so how can they be mad on whatever they wanna be mad about if you try to implement ideology that’s thousands of years old into a new world when everyone has a different view on things than back than?
    what i believe in, is that yeah, sure there is something bigger. greater that us humans. but if’s have to call IT GOD, Allah, Ra or whatever your religion is, i truly would not know how to call it. i just know that every religion i know has same guidelines for us to be better people. i follow those without all the gibberish around. yeah, spirituality….

    -onel luv-

  3. Reply to marxkarl:

    It isn’t french bs . If your relationship to religion is one of life and death, that like you said need religion to keep going, your inner strength is absent, weak. Sometimes living is just about living and has nothing to do with a finality or how you are supposed to get a reward at the end for a life well-lived. Yeah, sure it is innate in human beings to always seek something greater than they are but does that mean you need to personally stick to the norm: I think not, maybe you disagree, totally your right but that does not make me wrong!

  4. […] beast for you will never win because the coin that you bet heads on, has been tails all along. –Wyclef Jean __________________ my personal […]

  5. one people,one nation,one goal

  6. I experience more spirituality taking pictures in the desert or rock climbing in the mountains, for ME flocked under a roof in a church is not fulfilling to me. I think all religions serve a purpose to said members of the religion, and to knock another religion or claim your religion is the only RIGHT ONE only shows your own vulnerabilities with YOUR FAITH. I know this is not the venue for the following but please be understanding…. WYCLEF: I saw you on VH1’s 100 greatest HIP-HOP songs and you said you are currently looking for new artists and interested in developing them…If I had another way to contact you I would. First of all this is not for me, nor do I want anything from this except to see my friend fulfill his dream. A few years back said “friend” was going to jail for a year and was really depressed, as a 21 year old it was not where he wanted to be(probation violation is what put him in). To give him something to aspire to I told him:”Why not try writing rhymes while you are in there, all you have to do is think of something to say.” Now 5 or so years later he is still pursuing that dream as much as ever and all I ask is for you to check out I would not post this if I did not truly believe in him and feel he and his partner have something to offer the world that is very different than most stuff you hear. I hope this reaches you and you check him out if only it ends with you listening to it and deciding not to pursue it further. Please excuse me once again for using this venue for doing this but I searched all over this site to find another way to contact you and fell short. Thanks for your music, as with all music it has touched me deeply :-) “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul” -Plato

  7. Dear Mr. Jean,

    I am most grateful for the attention and money that you have placed on Haiti, the poorest country on the planet Earth. The successful Haitian revolution forced France to sell the Louisiana Purchase to the United States – signed on April 30th, 1803. This is why I will forever be grateful to the thoughtful, warrior people of Haiti.

    With that said, can you please explain why the Yele Foundation has the words “COMPLETED” under the category “FOOD DISTRIBUTION”? This can be found under the “Programs” link: Community Service. I would assume food distribution to Haiti would be labeled “active”; ongoing.

    In addition, under Community Service, your Foundation has the words “Under Construction” for BOTH “School Feeding” AND “Emergency Relief”.

    How is that the poorest country on planet Earth has a “COMPETED” food distribution project!!??

    This speaks to the company that you are keeping, entrusting with your Foundation, Mr. Jean.


    Please advise.

    Love for Haiti ALWAYS,

    Samuel Kiteka email

  8. Mr. Jean,
    My name name is Jean Jr. and I have something very important to bring to your attention. I have seen how bold you’ ve been in order to make things happen for your success. It is an inspiration. See how hard you are trying to make things happen for Haiti? Well don’t be alarmed if you feel sometime your fight is empty. You are right where you were supposed to be. YOu have paved the way for me and all the genuine Haitian youth.
    Listen, I have a plan for a new Haitian economical development that may take a little while to come to pass. NO I am no body for now and I don’t intend to be. I don’t want to be on sight. That plan will lessen your spending for Haiti but will involve every single haitan throughout the wolrd in helping for the total development of Haiti. You are the first person I speak about this.

    Please, you are doing a great job that is why you were compelled for, keep with your seriousness, we have work to do. This is a long trip and you are on the tip of the ice birg. The good news is that you are still young,. You will see!

  9. Keep the good work Clef !!!!!!

  10. Hi Wyclef this is the only way we could think to contact you and we hope this gets to you. We are a hip hop/rap/reggea group from Detroit called the Blood Brother Rebels. One of the main reasons we wanted to contact you was because our “Rebel” mentality and image is something we feel you would be able to relate to. We know that you are very busy but if you can ever find some time check us out on Our email is We dont know if you are still looking for new talent through your clef records but if you are interested, we are artists that transcend a new school feel but still carry a message and we deliver it through singing and rapping. Hopefully this gets to you, if it does check us out if you can.. thanx

  11. I am a customer of Verizon wireless. CNN has informed viewers that if they would like to donate to the recovery of HAITI from the earthquake devastation, you can text HAITI to 90999. Your bill will be charged $10. VERIZON WIRELESS IS NOT PARTICIPATING. Verizon likes to boast of 89 million customers. Can you imagine the help HAITI can receive if half of the customers donated. If you are a VERIZON wireless customer, contact the following individual and insist that VERIZON allows its customers to donate…’’

  12. Hi Wyclef Jean….I’m a pro musician and live in LA
    ….is there any activity I could do to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti?

    I can be located at, cell 310-429-9070, res 310-978-3040 studio 310-978-0777 or thru myspace or facebook. I’m a keyboard player, have been MD of big groups on various labels before…would love to help in any way.


    Tim McLane

  13. Spirituality is inside, not outside.

  14. Clef,

    You’re now a hero to Haiti. A known name, but uncover the truth behind it. If your objective is to save your people, share with them knowledge. Knowledge is power! Free them….

  15. Dear Mr. Wyclef Jean,

    I am currently a senior at Summerville High School In a small town called Tuolumne. For my senior project I want to do something to help Haiti. My family suggested a shoe drive. I was wonder I f you had any advice to offer me so i can make this project possible. I can be contacted via e-mail at

  16. Sweet! dude you rock…
    you keep pushing, i’ll keep pushing
    get your friends to keep pushing, and i’ll get my friends to keep pushing.

    then one day this place will be worth calling home, FY!

    btw, thanks for the comensment speach, my son’s graduation was a bore, nothing but yadayada…so i sent him your speach to make up for it, big thanks for me to you ;)

    oh! i almost forgot thkx for “dollar, dollar bill y’all, dollar dollar bill y’all”
    rivers of tears goes out to all my peers.

    keep up the props for the women…humanity has two wings, male and female, without equality and respect we will never get off the ground.

  17. Wow! I <3 your sermons!
    I just got back from trip to haiti, and it was nothing short of amazing!
    I went there with the intention of touching lives, and my life was touched!
    The hatian people stole my heart! We visited orphanges, and just played and sang songs with the kids, they are amazing! My heart was broken to leave haiti, so we are now planning to move our family there for the year! I am so excited to see God move, I am excited to bring my kids there, and I am most of all excited to get back to all of the little haitian children who have stolen my heart!

  18. I see a lot of tents in Hati – we have numerous containers used for ocean transport that are not reused. They are cheap to purchase $3000 about the cost of a tent. They are much more sturdy and withstand more weather and can be insulated – it is a temporary solution to a larger problem but I think better than tents.

  19. Hi,

    Two friends and I in the summer of 2005 (after high school) raised $13,000 for Theo’s Work Inc, which is a non-profit for funding a village in Les Cayes, Haiti, called Pwoje Espwa Sud.

    The money went to buying books and creating a library for the children there.

    I have a strong passion to help Haiti and would like to be a part of Wyclef’s goals.

    Please email me back with any details or contact information that I could possibly acquire to helping Wyclef Jean become president and in helping Haiti.

    I just graduated with a Biological Science Degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

  20. My email is :

    Thanks again.

  21. […] also den Blog gesucht. Zu Iran etc hab ich auf die Schnelle nix gefunden, aber unter der Rubrik clef-notes kam dann die Überraschung: Der Herr schreibt „Sonntagspredigten“ und ja, er schreibt […]

  22. yo clef i gat a plan hit me @

  23. […] Wyclef Jean. wyclef jean in […]

  24. Dear Mr. Jean,
    This year has been one of the toughest in my adult life. I am struggling to keep my family together and make ends meet on a single person’s paycheck. I have family both in Haiti and here depending on me financially as well as paying my daughter’s college tuition, this is her freshmen year and commutes to school in order to keep the costs low. I have been unemployed for about seven months now and my husband is the sole provider for all of us. Although I am grateful that he has a stable job to go to in this economy but it still is not enough.
    I have heard of all the good things you have done for Haiti and I must say that it is a blessing to see an upstanding Haitian man give back to the country that I love so much. As a Haitian woman myself, it is a rare and beautiful thing to see. I do not usually do this myself but I felt that I had to take a chance and ask you. I do not expect much from you, just enough to get me headed in the right direction. I would greatly appreciate it if you would write me back as soon as you can. I am only asking that you give me a response and whatever decision that you make I will understand. I am not the type of person who gets upset with a no if I am the one that is asking. A simple yes or no is all that I ask. You can contact me via email (
    Thank you for not turning your back on Haiti and making a difference in other people’s lives. It is a great thing on your part and it only takes one person to help start a change that will benefit everyone. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this letter. I hope to hear from you soon

  25. Hello Wyclef:

    I became aware of a foundation that gives grants for humanitarian purposes and I would very much like Haiti to benefit from this. The funds must be dispersed by the end of December so if you are interested please email me as soon as possible at

  26. Dear Wyclef,
    my name is Alberto Mesirca, and I am a musician from Italy. I just recorded a Cd containing the Complete Solo Guitar Works by the Haitian composer Frantz Casséus, made in collaboration with the great guitarist (and former Casséus’ student) Marc Ribot. I’d love to send you a copy of the recording.
    Could you please send me an address?
    thank you so much for your attention and patience,
    with all my best wishes, Alberto Mesirca

  27. Dear Mr. Jean,
    As you are in the President’s whereabouts I wanted to suggest an idea that came to mind earlier about creating jobs in the country. As we know, a lot of the American companies have their products made in china (clothes, toys, hats, and any other little thing that could be made in Haiti) which is on the other side of the world. What if our government put in place the help and infrastructure that could be need to open these type of factory in Haiti? I believe that it’s possible, so we just have to make the case to the investors. Panse a sa!
    Sincerely, Vladimir Prince
    NSU, Davie

  28. i love to here real inperation it moves my mind to do more than i did yesterday. thanks Clef

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