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  1. Hey Clef My name is Jeff Dorcene Leaving in Miami Florida I was born in Haiti I came here when I was 15, I have written a bunch of lyrics that I would ike you to see , I have been a rapper since I was a kid , I am a great singer , I have been trying to reach you but don’t know how , I would like to get my music out there maybe you can help , my email is please email me so I can send my lyrics to you my number is 786 267 1098, Plese pleae get back to me this is really important to me

  2. Hello Clef
    Its Jeff again I would like to have a conversation with you to ge to know you and explain you why I want to become a singer like you , I wouldlike to be the next Wyclef Jean with one difference I am Jeff and will be Jeff , I have my own personality , my own style of singing and writing, I have try to contact Sony music and they could not Evaluate me because i only had lyrics with no music and I dont have no freinds that could help me to find a producer or DJ all I know is just singing and writing , I love music it play a big part in my life I am just hoping this get to your attention its really important for me I want to be able to enjoy the rest of time left of my lif to leave to replace the time that has been lost when I was a child because of my past medical condition I Used to have seizures but thank God its gone now I am going to college studying political Sience hoping later in my life to become a politician to become a leader but before all that come to pass I want to sing wan to sing so bad and I want you to be my mentor, my friend ,my brother. I am sure that you dont always get to read your comments its your cousin Jerry I guess, So please Mr Jerry bring this to the attention of Mr Wyclef I have great talent great music to be explore I want you guys to help not becuse I have ambition the truh is I have goals in my life but the reason why I am leaving this comment goes beyond the desire of being famous or whatever the simple reason is I love music I just want to sing and entertain the world , if you are wondering I am 21 Born in Haiti Port au Prince My parents are two descent people My dad is From Archaie and My Mother is From Rue Petion Port au prince they are my heroes , I want them to be proud of me , I want my mother land Haiti to be proud of me so Please big Bro help me chase my American dream again if you would like to se my lyrics email me I write and four languages Creole , French ,English ,Spanish I fluently write speak and sing in these languages
    Thanks I am Looking forwar to hear from you soon Sincerely Jeff Dorcene/ A.K.A JD

  3. I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I have bookmarked you to check out new stuff you post.

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  4. My name is Kante Alhassane. I need your help i am just com from Africa i don’t have i need a job. This is my adress: 6731Newhampshier Ave,403 wApt takoma park. I am student, i e-mail is my phone number is 2407015211

  5. Yow wyclef you make so nice music im a dj outta swiss and search a little special voice for the new mixtape.
    I was very happy when you can ride my a message to
    Make your thing i like it


  6. Topson Sang Fezi Remix (Original Track By Wyclef)
    Take a listen

  7. mad love and respect for ya man

  8. Hello Wyclef Jean, I am asking your help. Can you and your family, friends, and followers vote for my Chloe to be the new Gerber Challenge Baby for 2011. It is quite easy no money is asked or required just a Facebook account. Please friend me: Jackelin Brooks I am the profile that is the same as my Twitter account (my brown eye). I will accept ALL request. I can easliy show you how to vote—it takes just one click. Voting ends on July 31st. Please message me for details questions, suggestions and words of encouragement:) LOVE< PEACE to all! Jackelin Brooks

  9. hey wyclef my name is joseph man i have to say i love the way you put your self out there man l’union fait la force man haitian100%

  10. Thank you wyclef for all your love for Haiti. I believe because of you Haiti will wise up again soon. May God Continue to Protect you.

    Jovenel Pierre

    From Jacksonville Fl

  11. i made a new song for haiti….it call GADE AYITI please take a listen and pay attention to the word…thank u

  12. we love u clef may GOD bless u..

  13. Clef Check it out and tell me what do you think about it

  14. @wyclef You come from Brooklyn, the projects about 10 minutes away from my own. With all your passion and realness, fighting to be the voice of the voiceless, where are you? The image of an america that the world hates is about to be torn down because true americans who are tired of the corruption and greed are coming together to create a true democracy. We could use your support, I’m a huge fan of yours and I know that your lyrics come from the heart, and I ask that you be the voice that unifies our cries for justice.

  15. Hej Wyclef, from a fan in Greece! I just downloaded historia from iTunes and love it! Already introduced it to my Zumba Fitness class and it fits great! I would like to know the lyrics, since i feel touched by what i understand…could be wrong though! And i probably am…anyway i’d love to get them to be able to sing along! :-) “Filakia” (kisses) from sunny Greece! LOVE your posts, by the way!

  16. Happy Bornday…. salute

  17. Hello Clef, hope your doing ok. :) I am writing from Bosnia & Herzegovina (Europe). Same problem as Katja who wrote comment just before me, non english ppl need the lyrics! Btw, yesterday I wanted to download the Historia form iTunes, but unfortunately Apple store does not support my country :( I am now stuck with video on You Tube ;) Anyway love the song and we all groove for the cure!!

  18. Happy Birthday…. salute Перетяжка салона

  19. I enjoyed the music

  20. I was very encouraged to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this special read. I definitely savored every little bit of it.


  21. Truly broken by the Haiti’s crisis …..Learning the history over the last week has humbled me.It does not cost money to have a voice !Thank you for your voice and your continued effort towards humanity.

  22. Hello Clef!
    We’re really enjoy your songs and all your support toward Haitian Music Community…at anytime feel free to participate in one of the biggest web project in haiti:

    Thank you for your continious effort!

  23. yo clef, New England is ready to see you and enjoy every second of your performance. I’m actually postponing my trip to the motherland, just so that I don’t miss either nights. Kimbe la!!

  24. yo Clef. moin eseye baw chek through rev. Thomas, but I guess sa pa mache. Dude, relem asap paske wap kontan tande sam gen pou ou. But really. Let me give you a hint. nan concert boston an, imagine that ou monte stage la comme yon brebi and then ou desann li tankou yon lion. relem,, ou pap regret.
    Bentley jones (401)263-8980

  25. Clef i don’t know exactly how much i’am happy to tell you my needs. So i’am a musician a keyboardman i living in haiti i make cequence and recording and i am a designer and videograph man. So i wanna go to university i haven’t possibility to do that i am just need ur help please my man help me i want to become something 4 my county my name is Amos Vereus i have 23 years hold i living in haiti from cap-haitian but now i am in santiago Rep Dom to perform on a program gospel piano my phone in haiti is 5093439-4864 in santiago Rep. Dom. 809434-7241 my E-mail: thank you before my kind God bless u.

  26. Hey clef im a 17 year old haitian girl born in raise in haiti i moved to montreal after the earthquake i write a lot and i have this dream to make it i recently came out with this new track its called WE ARE ALL HUMAN in this song i rap in ENGLISH FRENCH AND KREYOL is about every nation together and putting our differences aside PLEASEEE CHECK IT OUT
    thank you for your time :)

  27. Mr Jean,
    My name is Denny Bodden, I am 54 years old and recently retired from Miami Beach Fire Dept. I live in Okeechobee Fl and some gentlemen here have been volunteering their time in Haiti drilling wells to supply fresh water for the people. I told the organizer the next time they go that I would like to volunteer my time for this project. The cost is approximately $1500 for airfare and accomidations for the week. The trip is planned for sometime in June. I would like to know if you will sponsor me for this endeavor. I am positive that help for the project would also be appreciated. I am seeking only funds to offset the expenses I will incur. My email is
    Any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again
    Denny Bodden

  28. Omfg, stfu u folks. Be quiet ffs!

  29. Stockton, Maryland USA

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