New Song “Freedom” for The People of Egypt


  1. Wyclef my man I need to talk to you, please email me

  2. Love the song, wyclef amazing as usual :)

  3. hi wyclef,
    I live in Cairo and took alot of pics of the Revolution. I would like to download your song to put to some of my pics in memorium to the martyrs of the Revolution. Can you tell me how to download your song “Freedom” it is a beautiful song. Thank you for caring about the people of Egypt. Although I am not Egyptian I have lived here for 2 years and it is my home now. I am so proud of what they have done. They were very brave and many have died for this cause.

  4. Hey Clef,
    We’d really like to come by and do some work with you, we wrote Jaheim’s last #1 single Ain’t leavin without you (the one with the De La Soul sample) we have had releases on Pink, charlie wilson, stacie orrico & black buddafly hit me up w’ed love to get some writing done with you and/or Jerry

  5. man i love this song. keep up the great work.

  6. […] don’t know what to make of clef and some negroe celebrities sometimes while he is singing freedom songs for the people of Egypt, clef seems uninterested in the freedom of Haitians. afterall he was one of the cheerleaders for […]

  7. When beginning, my name is 25-year-old man from Japan that ..takuya.. has it.
    As for English, I want you to listen please as translate into Japanese and written though it doesn’t manage to do.

    I think it is terrible and serious also in Haiti in local of Mr. Wyclef Jean terribly impressed to listen to We are the world of very embarrassed Mr. Wyclef Jean to whom the severe earthquake occurs in Japan though it is thought that it knows.

    However, I was able only to raise a fund.
    It was thought that vigour and courage were given by people in the country if it was this tune when listening to We are the world and was impressed.

    We are the World will be able to be sung even in Japan.
    The assistance message in the artist in the United States is seen with MTV.

    We wish to express our gratitude terribly.
    Please continue your favors toward the singing together please.

    To Mr. Wyclef who respects it

  8. Hi Wyclef,

    I saw your video Perfect Gentlemen and I had an idea you may be interested in supporting. I am a writer and an activist and currently in East Asia. Educating the women discussed in your song with nontraditional methods is a very basic thought regarding my idea. I don’t want to detail much here but would love to discuss further with email You can google ben hargrove if you want to check who I am a bit but please get in touch with me if you can.


  9. Dear dear Wyclef,

    I remember being one of the first 100 viewers of your post for this song and having tears well up in my eyes as I watched my friends go through this hell to fight for human dignity (I lived in Cairo 2.5 years pre-revolution and left 2 months before it all went down). You helped capture that moment in history, and I thank you for taking the time to acknowledge our progress as a human community.

    Given that you have interest in many global initiatives, I was wondering if you might be interested in helping with a cause: we are currently founding an English literature library for Egypt’s first K-12 school built exclusively to service its orphan population. — accepting tax-deductible donations through Paypal to help afford international shipping of over 10,000 books from Baltimore City! We currently have over 1,000 books & counting in storage waiting to be shipped in March.

    I realize you get contacted for stuff like this all the time, but even just a bump or mention of this in your social media networks would be greatly appreciated!

    Keep on keepin’ on,
    C. Alexander

  10. Westwood Park, 1145 36th St. NW, Winter Haven, FL
    Come out and celebrate the Haitian culture and show pride in our country and flag. There will be singing, plays, dancing performances, outdoor activities, games, prizes, vendors and many more. An activity you DO NOT want to miss. We look forward to seeing you at this wonderful event. 863 934-5861

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