Sunday Sermon: A Work in Progress

Welcome to my sunday sermon. Please do remember my sermons are just conversations between me and you and always up for debate. I never and will never claim to be holier then thou for those that claim to be Holy nine times out of ten are not Holy, but Hollow and Shallow and can’t see past themselves. There are those that believe that they are the supreme being and we are Slaves and should bow down to there very existence.They are blind yet with vision they can only see the dark for they are blinded by true light! When the Most high puts you in a position of Leadership your job is not to persecute the innocent, for the day will come when the children of those that you have persecuted will Rise and demand justice. The evolution of the innocent blood that have been shed through the years have created a Revolution spawned by a new Generation! If you are Reading this and you just got a promotion at your job and you are the head supervisor in charge and all of a sudden your attitude has changed and you are now talking down to your coworkers that you used to go to happy hour with and gossip amongst yourselves and once you got that promotion you did a complete 360 and power has taking over your brain space I am speaking to you. If you went from no money and now you got new money so you no longer want to associate yourself with those that helped you when you went to war with the Roaches in the projects cause they were taking over your corn flakes box and now your to good to even pickup the phone and check on their well being, I am speaking to you. If you are a government that doesn’t want the young generation to Elevate in Academics, Economic development, Advancement of technology, Freedom to exercise there Opinion with out being sent to jail to be tortured and executed I am speaking to you. You are not the Most high! You have absolutely no authority over us! When we are awake you are sleeping, when you are laughing we are crying , we all have a birth date and a death date. So what gives you Authority over us, for we will Reign as kings and queens in the after life so why not Respect our kingdom while we are on Earth. We all have the Right to Freedom! Equal rights and justice! May the most high Guide you and our Egyptian brothers and sisters! I leave you with my clef words of wisdom.

You might be tough as nails but there’s always a hammer Around.

God don’t like Bullies so he cast Lucifer out of the heavens.

If you wanna fight a Revolution why spend billions on arms when we have social media.

If death knocks on your door on the sabbath tell him don’t bother you are resting already.

Time heals all wounds..Time also wounds all heels.



  1. I just returned from my first trip to Haiti and feel there is a strong likelihood of rehabilitating the country with the right leadership. I’d like to help and if you become president, consider me an independent voice and support for helping get things done. I love the country and the people, but I’m really disappointed in the infrastructure and lack of focus on getting things fixed that could help the country improve.
    Thanks for your consideration. I’m willing to be directly involved in what needs to be done and I don’t expect or want any compensation. I just want to play a role in accomplishing something.
    roger a stoick

  2. Wyclef,

    I salute you and all your philanthropic and humanitarian efforts. I am not sure you check this but I am a writer and I have been trying to contact you via twitter to seek your support. Basically, I am a teacher and writer and I am trying to help Haiti in some way with my natural gifts. I have spearheaded a project called “Hold My Hand” where I will serve as an editor of a compilation of stories where contributing authors will share inspirational stories about how they made it through tough times. ALL proceeds will go to an organization in Haiti and I was wondering if you would contribute a story or give the book a review. Your touch will add authenticity to the Haitian experience, I believe. I am planning on distributing copies to schools in Haiti and I am also trying to teach there as well. I am writing from my website so please feel free to contact me, please.

  3. […] kidnapping. anyone ever heard clef calling for the unbanning of Lavalas? but he likes to give sunday sermons ok, not to be so hard on clefman but now clef says he’s been shot our info from Haiti says […]

  4. Very well put!!!

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