Sunday Sermon: Mentality of the Lion

I write to you today from my hands to your eyes. Behold the words of the wise but yet the fool. Seek not for words of comfort, but words of confrontation. For war is not the way of life. But for some a city that is at war makes it easy to sell the firearms. But if a city is peaceful, there is no need for arms. They say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Believe not these words if you are poor because I was once poor and a poor man’s destiny cannot be decided by a rich man. So therefore, as the richer get richer, the poor shall rise from poverty and become wealthy. Let’s not feel sorry for ourselves but feel sorry for those that can’t find a way out. So they turn to the arms for survival in this concrete jungle. For I am from the Jungle. Therefore I understand the mentality of the Lion. So #warriors, believe not in failure, for success lies ahead.



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  2. I am Jeff Dorcene I urgently need the Contact of MR Wyclef Jean , is my email any one with His contact info please email me its really important that I get in touch with him soon

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  4. Hey Clef My name is Jeff Dorcene Leaving in Miami Florida I was born in Haiti I came here when I was 15, I have written a bunch of lyrics that I would ike you to see , I have been a rapper since I was a kid , I am a great singer , I have been trying to reach you but don’t know how , I would like to get my music out there maybe you can help , my email is please email me so I can send my lyrics to you my number is 786 267 1098, Plese pleae get back to me this is really important to me

  5. What a words of wisdom l wish the poor can understand so that they know that prosperity is for all and other cannot determine one’s expect you , l mean yourself will determine your future by your mentality, thanks bro.

  6. 2 THINGS: Clef’s nU track “Warriorz” is out of this world….man Clef is still killing it…i will say this man you are the hero of all of us Haitians including us diaspora….check us out at ..TANSYON.COM

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