Wyclef’s response to accusations against Yele Haiti

Statement by Wyclef Jean:

“My commitment to Haiti is a unique and everlasting bond.”

“I formalized that commitment when I formed my first foundation, in 1994. From that day forward, I have spent tireless hours working on behalf of my homeland on development issues as well as human and immigrant rights.

“I have been committed to helping the people of Haiti throughout my life, and that commitment will continue until the day I die.

“It is impossible for me to even comprehend the recent attacks on my character and the integrity of my foundation, Yele Haiti. The fact that these attacks come as we are mobilized to meet the greatest human tragedy in the history of Haiti only serves to perplex me even further.

“I first learned of these baseless attacks when I left Haiti late Friday, where I had been since 12 hours after the earthquake.

“Let me be clear: I denounce any allegation that I have ever profited personally through my work with Yele Haiti. These baseless attacks are simply not true.

“In fact, I have, time and again, committed significant amounts of my own money to support the work of Yele Haiti and other organizations in support of our efforts over the years.

“More than that, I have spent countless hours, days, months and years of my life committed to the country of Haiti, the people of Haiti and the success of Haiti.

“These baseless allegations were first put forward by a fringe website with a history of pursuing sensationalist story lines. The mainstream media’s pursuit of them has required Yele to divert precious resources during this critical time in order to answer various inquiries. That must end.

“I will continue to commit my focus to what is most important right now: Haiti. Right now, Yele is working with its valuable NGO partners, the U.S. Government, the United Nations and so many others to save lives, honor those who have perished and get aid to the millions of Haitians suffering through the worst human catastrophe of our times.

“I will never give up on my commitment.”


  1. Hello there Wyclef Jean is looking for Yvon Agnant.
    Just that now he has given no sign of life.
    We believe he was in the office of the CEP.
    Please kindly do the research for us.
    please vrote collaboration.

  2. Look Wyclef, I’m sorry to hear that you came back to criticisms and accusations, especially after what you have experienced in the past couple of days. But it’s not unexpected, I’m sure you know there are haters at every corner. Keep your head up. I and many others believe in you and thank you for the work that you have done, and will continue to do. With the help of Yele Haiti and other truly selfless organizations, this can potentially make a better, stronger Haiti in the end. If you haven’t already, get with Bill Clinton and look toward the future. So sorry to read about your personal losses in this tragedy, and again, THANK YOU. Keep it moving, you know who you are.

  3. Hello Wyclef. Let me start off by saying that Haiti must be very proud of you for all that you have done for them. You have to realize that there are people who will always talk bad about you, who will always try to put you down, but you have to remember that you must keep your head up. Everybody knows that you have always worked hard for your country, that your country loves you, and that what you do you do it expecting nothing in return. You do it for the love of your country period. May God Bless you, your country, and everyone that is helping haiti. Our Colombian people are praying for haiti, helping haiti. May God Bless Haiti alwayssss.

  4. Never doubted you!
    God bless Haiti x

  5. As long as we are black we will always be portrayed in a negative light by the white men who run this world….But his time is up, his world is falling apart…..I wanted to know if anyone heard of Senegal offering land to the Afriqans in Haiti who would like to return…I saw the article of Yahoo News under Africa…please check this out…


  6. Hey Clef Whats going on brother? Devastation sits deep within my heart through this disaster which hits our motherland. I am writing you this message to ask your permission to help promote relief for Haiti through Yele. I am a Haitian-American feeling very helpless over here in NYC. I’ve donated to your NGO already and now I will use my God-given Talent to help promote funding for Yele. I am an actor and writer. i have written a small monolugue regarding this earthquake which hit Haiti. As a Haitin I know sometimes we are put down and step on but we always get back right up stronger than when we started. I was just asking permission for me to mention Yele and texting 501501. If that’s cool with you i will complete my video in a couple of days.
    Jean Lodescar, Jr.

  7. Wyclef. Energy goes where it is directed. Believe me when I say most people love you for what you are trying to accomplish for Haiti and see all the criticism as nothing more than unwarranted slander. Save your energy for where it is needed. All over history, the naysayers of this world have always existed to distract people who are trying to do good. Doing good and having cynics go hand in hand for some reason. Who knows what purpose they serve in the tapestry of life.
    Get some sleep and keep doing what you’re doing. More grease to your elbows.

  8. FYI: I just posted this to the Charity Navigator site regarding there comments on WJ.
    Keep Your Head Up!! You Got This…and we got you! Prayers and Strength from our Father and our ancestors friend. Pheniqx

    I am all for your rating system. That is why I am here, to read and learn. However, just a few years ago the red cross was fined a tremendous amount of money for mishandling of funds. I am in the financial business, there is one thing that I know for sure. The more money your organization has, the smaller the overall percentage can appear to be, while representing huge amounts of actual money (for example: 0.05% of 1,000,000.00=500 dollars however, 0.05% of 575 million dollars is 287,500). An organization that has HUGE amounts of funding can then pay small percentages that represent outrageous amounts of money to CEO’s and operation execs. I will take 0.01% to operate an orgainization if it represents $570,000,000 per year just for the CEO??? That is HUGE, Really?? The most that this young man has reported (although Late) was 1 million dollars. Even if he pays himself to show up for a fundraiser what is the difference? Mcgovern is paying herself half a million each year to be a figure head. Is that the same as showing up to work (doing a concert, in Jean’s case) and getting paid to do what you say is your passion, and if it is not wrong for her then why is it wrong for him? I find it reprehensible that your group has given a questionable at best review of of this young mans efforts, when by your own standards he has met and bested more than half of your criterion. He is trying so diligently to help a forgotten people who he just happens to be a one of. What we should be doing is hitting up the red cross for some of that half a million that mcgovern is gobbling up and the other half that her operating exec is getting for a salary (let’s talk about caps). He has just started this organization a few years ago with less than 100k. Spent his own money and you all poohpooh the fact that he gave more than he made in the organization that year? In the last 18 months there has been a total of 5 disasters in his country and he has been there to support and help for every single one. Shame Shame on you. Give some credit where credit is due.

  9. Wyclef I am sorry for your lost. As most of us know you have been a significant asset to your country. And for someone to slander you and Yelle Haiti is sad and makes no since. I am not haitian however I have over the last two years become very involved in learning about Haiti as well as the people of Haiti. In my eyes this disaster that has happen to Haiti is an eye opener for the world who has been looking the other way for years.

  10. Keep going in God my brother. The enemy likes to attack a progressive moving target. Your efforts will reap a great harvest if you faint not. You and Haiti are in my prayers.

  11. first of all I want to say that I was indescribably evil because of this happened in Haiti … to this site I came Serbian newspaper reading in whose country I live, interested if there are any organizations that send volunteers to Haiti to help .. . in any way ..??? state has no embassy in Haiti Serbia in Belgrade do not know whom to address …??
    please reply me

  12. Brotha Wyclef, fight your fight for your people and the haters will always hate those who help their own people brotha!

  13. 15/01/2010. 19:07
    Ana Loncar

    It’s nice to be with us as in Russia there is a phone number for donations to help the people of Haiti.

    16/01/2010. 13:17

    Ana is totally wrong, but I added that it was not only beautiful but also extremely necessary, as you need more time and why you are so uninterested ???!!!!

    16/01/2010. 13:43

    It is true in Russia and has a phone number, and online payments, and bank account … And it was organized the same day when the news arrived of the earthquake. Our Red Cross announced this news five days after the earthquake, and when something concrete will be organized, who knows. Haiti is not the opposite, every second is important to them and we have only 5 days notice that the earthquake occurred while our assistance to be organized so as to reach the other end of the world … there people die because they lack drinking water that we have in abundance But while in our bureaucracy compile with herself a few months will pass before you send something. Then it will be too late.

    16/01/2010. 19:34

    Open a bank account has a large number of interested to pay a minimum amount of money … Grain by grain bread!! There is an urgent

    dorateoo = Here is what I found on the website of the Red Cross in my country-some passionate comments …!!!
    help somehow ..
    . The only thing I know for help regarding my country Haiti (concrete assistance) is 5 members of the gendarmerie among whom is a woman … they were told that they live and to help people
    .. if the police press .. embassies nearby state of Haiti (if any) or …… who to contact at least for a bank account and organization to Isla there and helping the people of Haiti?

  14. ****16/01/2010. 13:17

    Ana is *completely right…Mistake in translation

  15. i just wanted to let you know that from the bottom of my heart I thank you for what you are doing.

    I am trying my hardest to help raise money for YELE, blogging and tweeting 24/7 to get ppl to txt,

    here is my twee @militaryfamof8 t:
    PLS RT i know i am just one woman, but i am trying to help thousands, pls help me help them!!!! http://bit.ly/55GEFT #haiti #yele #wyclef .

    I pray for you and everyone that is going through this.

    I made a banner for my blog with a link to your website http://bit.ly/55GEFT


  16. Wyclef Jean,
    I understand your pain man. My home town was wiped out on my May 4 2007. It’s like dream, but a dream that you wished never happend. When walking the streets and seeing the devastation you wonder will it ever be the same. It will be better man! Just give it time! Stay strong Wyclef! Don’t worry about what other people say about you and your counrty. God bless you and God bless the people of Haiti.

  17. Oh Lord, from this valley of tears we lift our prayers to thee
    Most Compassionate One please ease the pain in Haiti

    Pray Pray Pray – people this day – Pray Pray Pray for Haiti
    Pray Pray Pray – help ease the pain – with love and charity
    Pray Pray Pray – people this day – Pray Pray Pray for Haiti
    Send your love today – ease their pain – with human charity

    No words can describe the suffering that we all now see
    Destruction of life, the tears, the cries, the human misery

    Pray Pray Pray – people this day – Pray Pray Pray for Haiti
    Pray Pray Pray – help ease the pain – with love and charity
    Pray Pray Pray – people this day – Pray Pray Pray for Haiti
    Send your love today – ease their pain – with human charity

    Oh Lord, from this valley of tears we lift our prayers to thee
    Shower your love to the Haitian people restore their dignity

    Pray Pray Pray – Pray Pray Pray – Pray Pray Pray for Haiti
    Pray Pray Pray – people this day – Pray Pray Pray for Haiti
    Send your love today – ease their pain – with human charity
    Pray Pray Pray – Pray Pray Pray – Pray Pray Pray for Haiti

  18. Wyclef , keep doing what you´re doing .It´s truly appreciated . Ignore the noise.There´s no time for it,Haiti needs love and positive people right now , not all the garbage .
    I know that in due time all the criticism will be proved wrong .

  19. HI Wyclef!

    I really hope you read this. I have an urgent message for you. I dont know how to write this really. I would say “find the jar”….. Please contact me for further info . Its VERY important!! Stay safe!


  20. Hi Wyclef!!

    I know you are busy and extremely tired. Your efforts are not and will not be without benefits. May the Blessings Be……

    Another reader has posted an important note for you and we both have the same urgency for you. I will say that the message has something to do with your past. Please contact either of us for the details.

    Please have safety in mind at all times. Rest and stay alert :-)
    Spirit smiles on all the Lightgivers……

  21. Brother W.

    Do not allow the haters of the people to distract your mission. That is what they have doen throughout history to distract the people. Walk in the same shoes as brother O’ who does not allow the haters of the culture to take him off course. You walk with the ancestors and are guided by the spirit of goodwill. Half of the NGO fundraisers goes to overhead and how many of their Presidents have ever touched foot in a third world country in crisis. You walk with faith and you can never go astray. May God keep you strong and take anyone willing to help the people of Haiti with you for support.


  22. wyclef you are blessed and loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DON´T LISTEN TO THE PEGANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Wyclef for President (Haiti)!!!


    It is so crucial for you to keep your focus on the task at hand. Haiti needs you now, more than ever.

    You should not be surprised that the worst attack on your character and the integrity of your foundation, Yele Haiti, would surface at this time.

    There is a lot of money being poured into Haiti for its recovery and humanitarian relief effort. Yele Haiti was one of the top three (3) non-profit organizations initially mentioned on CNN to funnel donations.

    The critics and the scammers do not want Yele Haiti in the position to really make a big and lasting impact in the lives of the people of Haiti.

    You are too honest; straight to the point; passionate; and too full of compassion for the critics and the scammers to turn your non-profit purpose into self-gain. This is the basis for their attack.

    YOU SIMPLY WILL NOT SELL-OUT! You love the people of Haiti and you embrace all nationalities. You are a humanitarian-at-heart.

    Keep your focus on the task at hand. “satan is the master of distractions!”

    When the earth quake hit Haiti, I can tell you- most of the Diaspora thought of you and were looking for words of comfort, encouragement, and directions from you.

    You’ve earned the love and trust of Haitians and non-Haitians who sincerely care about Haiti. The people of Haiti and the Haitian diaspora look to you as a leader…their compassionate advocate & progressive voice.

    There will always be critics sitting on the sidelines. Those critics, even at this time of devastation in Haiti, may not relent and put their hands to the plow- for the betterment of Haiti. These critics are for self-gain. Your selfless acts towards Haiti as a country and your generosity to the people of Haiti, is not something these critics can comprehend.

    Please do not (personally) divert precious time needed to rebuild Haiti- to addressing anymore of this nonsense:

    (1) Get yourself a spokesperson who can address the accusations of impropriety against Yele Haiti.

    (2) Position yourself to lodge a “lawsuit” against any person or company who has actively engaged in tactics to scandalize and degrade your character and the integrity of Yele Haiti- a suit for SLANDER.

    (3) Get friends of Yele Haiti (celebrities & non-celebrities) to do a 30 second (TV) Public Service Announcement (PSA)- presenting Yele Haiti and the vast work already done in Haiti and on behalf of the Haitian Diaspora.

    (4) Utilize broadcast mediums available, such as YouTube, your own blog, and others- to announce Yele Haiti’s PLAN of ACTION for the rebuilding of Haiti. Indicate how Yele Haiti plans to utilize the resources received through the generous donations of Haitians and friends of Haiti (ex: food, housing, health care, education, jobs, etc).

    (5) Implement an aggressive recruitment effort for volunteers nation-wide and internationally- who are willing to lend to their hand at rebuilding Haiti (ex: construction, transportation, technology, agriculture, etc).

    You know what to do, Cleffy. It’s already in your heart. Remember the words of wisdom from your father. And, you will more so understand the actions of the wicked.

    “What don’t break you will MAKE you.”

    Keep your eyes on the task at hand.

    Accept the fact that satan will use ones closest to you to hurt you.

    Know that the Christ in you is more powerful than all the demons put together.

    The Christ in you will shield and protect you and yours from all attacks.

    “No [attack] forged against you will prosper,” in the name of Jesus.

    God is the one that blesses and exalts.


    Make no decision out of fear or anger. Take your time. Let God guide you by His wisdom.

    You must make the difficult decisions needed. If you don’t, it will only come back and bite you.

    Take your emotions out of THIS! You are a soldier equipped and given an important assignment to take a PEOPLE out of bondage.

    As long as God is happy with you, it doesn’t matter what man thinks of you.

    God bless you, Cleffy.

    In solidarity,

    Dina Michel-Wiggins

  24. Hi Wyclef,

    I don’t know why you were tagged with this but I have to tell you. I was in Haiti not to long ago and their were rumors that the people that you have running Yele in Haiti are not using the funds appropriately.

    I think as long as you monitor what your staff is doing things will be fine. The world just wants to make sure that their cash is not going to the staff members.

    I do not and have never thought that you were doing anything wrong. I think the wrongdoings of your staff are the reasons that you were tagged with this.

    God Bless you. i know that you are doing the right things.

  25. Stay true to your course, My Brother. Do not let the ney sayers distract your purpose. You are making a great difference! This is a time for everyone to come from one heart. No time for blame… as that is total shame. Prey for all.

    Blessing to you… and to all people.

  26. Keep up your good and important work, let the negative voices blow with the wind. With trust, admiration and greatfulnes from Norway,

  27. Stay Focused! Stay Focused! Stay Focused! There is only one purpose for this attack at “THIS TIME!” and that is to shake you off your focus and shake your fans and followers of Yele off focus. KEEP YOUR FOCUS! DO YOUR THING FOR HAITI! We that are with U! will alway be with you… If all that shit was true…why wait until now to come out with it….
    Peace and Blessings to the Whole YELE family!

  28. If the board of directors cannot ensure transparency and integrity to the people, Wyclef Jean the entertainer will be damaged goods forever. The world will never forget this. Therefore, clean house at your foundation. An emergency board meeting is required. Terminate, shake up, and or reengineer your foundation. The most damaging aspect is that you filed three years of tax returns all on the same date. Again, your foundation records must be transparent from this moment forward. Suggestion. Place all Haiti relief accounts rec, and acct. payable ( every penny you spend) on this site for the public to view. I guarantee no other nonprofit is doing that. Your integrity and career is at risk.

  29. I am amazed with all that is and was happening in Haiti , Wyclef found the time to fly to St. Kitts to take money from a corrupt government just like the one who has Haiti in such despair. Did you investigate this government? Do you know that it is alleged that the Prime Minister of St. Kitts has 16 properties and is the richest Prime Minister in the Eastern Caribbean? Do you think that it is o.k. to support such a government or do you not care where the money is coming from?

    Do you know that the Prime Minister paid double salaries for Christmas so that he and his cabinet benefit the most as they are the highest paid? What are you doing with the money from this concert? Do you realise that by your presence in St. Kitts, you are telling people that you support this government, under which crime has increased?
    Please take responsibility for your actions!

    By the way…I LOVE ST.KITTS!

    Please have a look at the man in the mirror!

  30. Wyclef thank you for all that you give the world.

    Thank you for your tireless effort to help those in need and for making us aware of the suffering of those less fortunate.

    I support you and I support Yele Haiti.

  31. Wyclef, please don’t let the naysayers bring you down. Those that disrespect and don’t value human life couldn’t imagine not making a profit off disasters. The concept of giving back or basic necessities for human survival they have never had to deal with in a meaningful way. Our Haitian brothers and sisters need to be freed and allowed to live their lives without constant oppression, financial slavery, and outright colonization. We have started a petition to bring before US Congress to ensure deployment of only non-combat, civilian, and administrative liaisons for humanitarian missions ONLY. Withdrawal of ALL COMBAT TROOPS!!!





  32. my though goes to the ppl ….. i would do the same if i were u too do what u gar do ..im with u brother !

  33. When I heard this crap I did not believe it one bit because I know you have been committed to Haiti from the very first time we heard of you. You may live in the USA, but your heart is still with Haiti. The evil ones have been trying to destroy the unity of the people of the African Diaspora since this destruction has happened. First it was the idiots Pat Robertson, Limbaugh and all of their ilk who don’t give a damn about any one else of the human race, to include themselves.

    You alerted the world to the thousands of children who were starving in Haiti before anyone else did. If they want to dig for information, then they need to find out why this country has left Haiti in virtual isolation and has ignored them and only looked at the nation to exploit it?

    There is no need for Martial Law to exert control over the island, but this is what they want to do. Haiti can be just as viable as any other country if given an honest chance to participate the way GOD has intended.

    There is strength in numbers and the very idea of you galvanizing millions of people to help “our people” is scaring the $%^ out of them! Do not give them the power in which they don’t have over you to stop what you’re doing because that is their goal.

    Those conditioned to believes lies will always believe a life before they believe the truth because they are still unable to think for themselves. Alienation works and they know how to use it against those who think they need their validation.

  34. […] Wyclef’s response to accusations against Yele Haiti Statement by Wyclef Jean: “My commitment to Haiti is a unique and everlasting bond.” “I formalized that […] […]

  35. Wyclef mon che,
    “Nan bay kout men, ou jwen kout pye.” mwen menm tou, m janme kite, m toujou travay pou peyi ou, Wyclef. Mem si m pale Kreol tikras…m komprann tout sa ou te di, epi m kompletman dako…mesi anpil pou gwo zefo ou fe, m pa gen bouche pou di…Se zanmi ou, Randy nan Palo Alto, CA

  36. Dear Wyclef,
    Anyone that has ever met you (even briefly) would never doubt your passion for helping others and in particular your dedication to uplifting and advancing the human condition in your home island country of Haiti. I regret that in the midst of what must be a heartbreaking experience for you, that you have had to pause to address overzealous comments aimed at questioning your humble intentions, the way you’ve spent money obtained for your organization- Yele- and essentially at defaming your character. I appluad your openness in quickly addressing these false accusations but perhaps more importantly, I commend the swiftness with which you and your family responded to this disaster that has unfortunately affected Haiti on such an enormous scale. My heart goes out to the people of Haiti at this time. I am deeply moved by the generosity and the dedication that you have demonstrated over the years and please do not doubt that you continue to touch the lives of many- even those of us who are not Haitians. Please know that for every negative comment or every one person that doubts you there are millions of us that know better. Continue to do the good you do because what you do makes a HUGE difference. One love my brother.

  37. Dear Wyclef and the Yele Haiti team,
    Please know that we believe in you and thank God for all that you are doing. Please let Haitian people know that our thoughts and prayers are with them. I will do what I can to re-distribute your news releases, messages, and donation requests with my media contacts and social networks in Canada.

  38. Dear wyclef, You are doing an incredible service, in your homecountry, where the devastation and the loss of family, friends, the city itself, and lack of supplies not getting to your people ,no doubt to you, because of powers that be. i seen u on anderson cooper, cnn the nite u were leaving to go, , and your heart is huge and of good. i cant imagine what you are going thru but i seen ur face briefly yesterday, and your face spoke of the pain and sorrow of what u must face in Haiti every second of the day, the enormous nee……..you are of good. try to ignor these attacks. many are in darkness and can only see on the surface, . “we learn tolerance from the intolerable”. and i was once told too, d”do the best u can , and remember , you will receive v. little thanks if any, , but do it anyway. and i add , do it, because its the right thing to do..,……………..god bless you and do what is needed , you kno ur heart

  39. just wanted to say that you should keep up the good fight and hold your head high. the work you have already done, and continue to do, is inspiring and so very needed.
    i had already sent a few texts to “yele” but after hearing the b.s. accusations pertaining to your charity, i immediately maxed out the texts to 6 (wish there were a larger limit). i then donated to my company’s relief drive — it won’t be attributed to your charity, but the important thing is that it will help. best to you and to my neighbors to the south.

  40. Born and raised in East Orange, NJ. A child of parents who believed in morals and family values. Raised to believe that my purpose here is to help others-to make a difference. I pledge my donations to your organization because you are a man with Haitian blood first and a humble man a second. No one knows about the conditions in Haiti other than one who has lived there. I remember Katrina and missing money, hhhmmm that was raised and never donated. I remember what the GOVERNMENT did to those poor folks and still are doing. I commend all your efforts and encourage you to continue to stand strong and steadfast in your mission. My donation would have gone to no other organization. I say to all people of Haitian decent, I have seen, through telecast, the strength you have. The unity of common folks and the many trials you have come through. I pray for stronger government nation and developments in the future. Continue to pray and know that God has not brought you this far to fail you now.

  41. hey brother,they just try to make it more painfuf,LES CHIENS ABOIENT,LA CARAVANE PASSE,that’s it.keep doing the rigth thing,sidymoh from dakar,senegal,living in the US is supporting your effort to help our people in HAITI,whatever the say or do will not stop us supporting all your efforts,god bless you.Just heard that my artist friends in SENEGAL are getting ready to raise funds for our haitian brothers,now is the time to give you back [ we heard so many good sounds from you brother]GOD BLESS YOU,BLESS HAITI AND BLESS ALL THE WORLD

  42. Normally, a charity is considered to be an illegitimate charity if more than 25% of the money raised goes to expenses. That’s the standard guideline. But more than 50% of Wyclef Jean’s charity’s money goes to pay consultants and caterers at parties, etc. In fact, only 47% of the money goes to charity. In 2007, the last year for which taxes were filed (in summer 2009), the charity spent $569,050, and only $270,000 of it went to “program services” in Haiti. In 2006, it’s even worse, the charity spent $1,038, 528 in total, and only $324,500 going to charity in Haiti. That means that only 31%–or less than a third–of the money spent that year went to charity.
    But the biggest joke is 2005, in which only $1,281 (a tiny fraction of one percent) went to charity in Haiti, out of $549,991 spent on “expenses”–consultants, catering, travel office expenses, etc. A “hurricane relief benefit” held that year in New York raised $50,000, but cost $40,301 to put on, netting less than $10,000 in revenue for the charity.
    And you wonder–since Jean has had a lot of fundraisers attended by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and other movie stars–how much of the $79,126 the charity raised in 2007 was contributed by him. Even if he contributed the whole thing, it’s peanuts, since the foundation pays him and his partner, Jerry DuPlessis –they are both officers of the charity–$31,200 in rent, each year, in 2006 and 2007, for using office space in a building they own through their company, Platinum Sound, which owns and operates recording studios. Their excuse is that they are renting the offices “below market value.” But why aren’t they donating that space–you know, the same way they are asking all of us, who aren’t wealthy pop stars, to donate to Haiti?
    And, then, there’s an additional $100,000 paid to Platinum Sound in 2006, which isn’t explained at all. Add to that the $250,000 Jean’s Foundation paid to Telemax, S.A., in which, the 2006 tax form says, Jean and his partner DuPlessis own a controlling interest, to buy airtime and production services. If you add it all up, Jean and his partner made more money from the charity in 2006–a total of $391,200–than the actual intended recipients did–or $324,500. Again, they use the excuse that the price paid was “below market value.” Uh-huh. Sadly, that excuse doesn’t hold water when, in fact, 38% of the money spent by the charity that year went to line Wyclef Jean’s and his partner, Jerry DuPlessis’ pockets.
    Oh, and by the way, in each of those three years for which tax forms were available online, a good deal of the money spent on “charity” went to “Hip Hop En Sante – Hip Hop Musicians Promoting HIV/AIDS Awareness to Rural Youth.” Hmm . . . how helpful do you think that was in a country where their houses were so fragile, they pancaked upon an earthquake?
    Clearly, Mr. Jean’s “charity” is a scam and a waste of money. Best to give elsewhere if you’re planning to donate to Haiti relief.

    This is appearing to be FRAUD!!!!! PEOPLE, WAKE UP, AND DO NOT GIVE ANOTHER DIME TO THIS ORGANIZATION!!! They are using companies that are owned by wyclef himself, and his partners. They figured the payments could be hidden from the general public, by paying a “company” and not Wyclef directly, but the money gets to Wyclef through his company. I mean, come on, he is getting paid to perform at one of his own “benefit” concerts. Then he “buys” air time from a TV station that he owns himself. This is sad and pathetic!!! A BENEFIT CONCERT SHOULD BE DONE AT NO COST!!! THAT IS HOW IT IS ADVERTISED, AS A “BENEFIT CONCERT”, WHICH MEANS TO RAISE MONEY FOR A CERTAIN CAUSE, AND THE PERFORMERS DO NOT CHARGE FOR THEIR SERVICES, AND THEY THEN SOLICIT DONATIONS FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC, WITH THIS BEING THE UNDERSTANDING.



  43. New information regarding further problems, from TSG:

    * In light of the assertion by Jean’s representatives that the distribution of funds to a foundation’s board member was a routine occurrence, TSG conducted a comparison of the business practices of Jean’s group with those of 40 not-for-profit groups founded or closely affiliated with celebrities. Like Jean’s foundation, each of the 40 groups has filed tax returns detailing their income and expenses, records that are available for examination/downloading on guidestar.org, the leading online clearinghouse for information on non-profit groups. In most cases, the site offers the last three IRS returns filed by an organization.

    JANUARY 19–During a briefly teary defense of himself yesterday, Wyclef Jean again reminded listeners that he spent a couple of days in Haiti “carrying dead bodies on the street.” If anyone had missed his tweets, Jean added, “I was the one carrying little girls to the morgue.”

    The musician also asserted that he had never used any of his charitable foundation’s funds for his personal benefit, but declined to entertain questions about the $410,000 that went to him and his cousin/business partner for rent, production services, and the star’s appearance at a benefit concert. Jean explained that he was “told not to address” those sticky questions, presumably by spokesman Ken Sunshine, who usually spends his day handling tabloid inquiries about the love lives of clients like Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Timberlake.

    Jean left the task of answering questions about his checkbook to Hugh Locke, a consultant who was identified as president of the Yele Haiti Foundation, which was originally incorporated as the Wyclef Jean Foundation in 1998.

    Jean had long fled the podium by the time Locke acknowledged that the years-late filing of the group’s tax returns was a “mistake.” The payment of $100,000 to a firm owned by Jean and relative Jerry Duplessis (for a Jean concert performance) “was not our finest hour,” said Locke, who promised that the group would be “more appropriate” in the future.

    Locke’s mea culpas, though, did little to explain Jean’s unique way of doling out foundation funds to himself. For example:

    * Locke yesterday claimed that the $100,000 paid to a Jean company for his performance at a fundraiser included expenses associated with that gig (like “background musicians” and “backline” costs). Locke had previously told the Associated Press that Jean had only pocketed $25,000, with the $75,000 balance going to pay for “backup singers.” Jean, though, has toured with a single female backup singer, most recently his sister Melky (who founded her own Haiti charity, the Carma Foundation, in January 2008). “I’m not saying he didn’t benefit from it,” said Locke, who has sought to minimize the singer’s windfall.

    Locke has also avoided mentioning that the foundation’s own 2006 IRS return (which was filed 28 months late) includes a separate line item accounting for $97,808 in “direct expenses” associated with that benefit in Monaco. The tax return makes it clear that the $100,000 Jean cleared was specifically paid “for the musical performance service of Wyclef Jean.”

    * While the musician chose to bank $100,000 in foundation funds for a single performance, the group’s tax return asserts that the fee was “substantially less than market value.” This claim–that Jean and his partner provided discounted rates on office space, booking fees, and $250,000 in television production services–is supported by, well, nothing. Ditto Jean’s claim that he put $1 million of his own money into the charity.

    Jean, who noted yesterday that the peak of his career came in 1996 when he was a member of the Fugees, is not a big concert draw. In early-2008, during his 24-date “Carnival House Tour,” Jean and his five bandmates played in clubs averaging about 1000 seats, a large dropoff from the days when he played significantly larger venues.

    For example, Jean headlined a May 2002 festival at the University of Maryland’s 10,000-seat Byrd Stadium. Contract records show that he was paid $40,000 for that show. A few years later–with no new hits under his belt and even more years between his Fugees glory days–Jean was charging his own charity $100,000 for a gig. And that sum was purportedly “substantially less” than his “market value,” which presumably would have been in $150,000-$200,000 range (depending, of course, on your definition of “substantially less”).

    A review of these tax returns shows that not one of the 40 organizations has paid a penny to a celebrity for any service rendered–even at a discounted rate–for the group.

    This list includes foundations formed by or connected to DiCaprio, Timberlake, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Britney Spears, Jay-Z, Madonna, Tiger Woods, Alicia Keys, Derek Jeter, David Letterman, LeBron James, Jay Leno, Michael J. Fox, Barbra Streisand, Bill Gates, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Martin Scorsese, Michael Douglas, Steven Spielberg, Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz, Danny DeVito, Russell Simmons, Dave Matthews, Richard Gere, Ron Howard, Edward Norton, Jane Fonda, Stevie Nicks, Sharon Stone, Kirk Douglas, Bruce Willis, Peyton Manning, Kelsey Grammer, David Geffen, Gloria Estefan, Stephen King, and Tom Brokaw.

    Locke did not return TSG messages left on his voicemail. Several of Jean’s celebrity peers listed above will be appearing with him on Friday’s “Hope for Haiti” telethon, so perhaps they can share tips on how to run a charitable foundation without dipping into the till.

  44. Dear Wyclef:
    Everyday my nine year old daughter and I pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti . The strength Haitian people have the whole world can learn so much from. I am not one to write on blogs or feed in to this media frenzy but I had to comment on your blog. I know that you are blessed and honorable man from what you have done for your people. The ones who want to bring about positive change will always be tested; that is you right now and this shall pass. Having experience with NGO and expat world they should all look into their books. I wish we had people like you in African countries that struggle, face extreme poverty and face civil strife like my birth place of Somalia to give people hope. I wish immigrant artists here in the U.S .that have achieved the American dream would follow on your footsteps and give back to their motherland like the way you have for Haiti. We pray for you and for all the people in Haiti and we support your efforts. We need more brothers like you here in the U.S. and abroad. Thanks for doing your work. You are changing the perceptions of a whole a lot of people. When you run for office there I will pray for you then Keep fighting your people
    Peace and Blessings
    Your sister Ladan

  45. Let us All Pray for the People in HAITI…
    SUPPORT HAITI BY CLICKING THIS LINK===> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vVsCq2wdPk

  46. Dear Wyclef,in other times,other situation,I might have laughed with the idiots and their accussations against you!..
    Now is a time of unison and support.Your people is suffering ,an entire world is feeling the ordeal Haitian people are coming through ,everyone is in need of aiding but some ,don’t have the mind nor the heart to see behind their selfish blindness….
    I must admit,up until recently I knew you as an artist only and didn’t know about your fund…I simply wish others to follow your lead..
    I had to put up with Michael Jackson being chased down,just staring from affar,that is something I won’t let happen again.Your people is strong,you’re a very strong and amazing man, a man whose tears isn’t afraid to show…I hope this world can be a little of you…I’m supporting you with all my heart…

    Maria from Greece.

  47. @Wyclef hi saw this http://bit.ly/5t3EtM The Creole Choir of Cuba form Peter Gabriel website hope you like this think you will like this love brandonmbean


  49. To all people of good will who are concerned with helping the people of Haiti: Given the devastating and near helpless medical conditions on the ground in Haiti, and the poor prognosis for so many thousands of severely injured survivors, let’s start a campaign to get these people airlifted out and into US hospitals. There is more than ample space in hospitals throughout our country, and with upwards of 180 planes per 24 hour period leaving Haiti, it would be very quick and easy to do. All they need is permission to get on those planes…how simple is that…within several hours, these severely injured people would be in American hospitals receiving the critical care they need..that’s just a few hours away from living and not living…how can any one of good will and conscience say no to that? Please call/write to your representative, Senator, to President Obama, to news organization, many news organizations, radio, TV, foreign embassies everywhere…encourage others to call/write, have them call/write. These are human beings…hardware-store saws that are being used to amputate with no anesthesia or painkillers… we need to get them out now.

  50. […] a text version of the statement published on his blog, Mr. Jean chastised the media for picking up on the accusations made by The Smoking Gun: I have […]

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