Yéle Launches Haiti Earthquake Alliance

Yéle Haiti has pulled together a group of like minded organizations and first responders in order to help coordinate the delivery of emergency services and materials needed by victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Each or the organizations will undertake their own fundraising and on-the-ground operations, but have agreed to share resources, collaborate when it makes sense and avoid duplication.

The members of this new Haiti Earthquake Alliance are:

·         Yéle Haiti

·         AmeriCares

·         Friends of the World Food Program

·         ONExONE Foundation

·         Pan American Development Foundation

·         Airline Ambassadors

·         The Belinda Stronach Foundation

Just formed in the last day, the Alliance has already pulled together four airlifts of medical supplies, food and other emergency supplies – along with teams of doctors. These airlifts will go out beginning Saturday.


  1. And you can even donate money at redcross.org. All the best.

  2. I am in Barbados and working with another lady who successfully organised and distributed Baby Survival Kits after Hurrican Ivan in Grenada. When the Asian tsunami hit in 2004, I was living in Phuket, Thailand. My husband and I organised a grass roots relief effort there and also made and distributed Baby Survival Kits in Thailand.

    We would like to do them again for Haiti. They contain everything a mother would need to keep a baby clean and fed for quite a while. We need a contact in Haiti to distribute them and we need to transport them out of here. I would love to go in myself and help but it is not financially possible at this moment.

    Please, please, please contact me via a comment on here and I will try and figure out a secure way to forward my email address etc to you. We are for real and I can send you links to sites that have documented the kits if you want verification.

    Great work with your fundraising. God bless you and your homeland.

  3. Thanks in advance btw!

  4. I’ve donated to “yele” and will continue to do so! What can I do?
    Moin parlez Creole / Englais / Francais djwazu@gmail.com

  5. I am in the process of planning a day long event in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, January 30th to raise awareness and money to give directly to Yele Haiti for the Haitian earthquake relief effort. Hoping to raise about $10,000! Any ideas or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated! My thoughts and prayers….

  6. Don’t you see, the Haitians are the only truth I need. You inspire and love them. When all is said and done you will still be there for them once all the hype has left and the storyline has shifted. You Wyclef will still be there for Haiti – that’s the only truth any of us should need.

  7. Personal lyrics made for the people of Haiti.

    (Following text in norwegian.)
    Hva tenker jeg på, jeg prøver å forstå.
    Hva som skjer på denne jorda vi lever vi puster ,
    mange ser tilbake på hvordan de kjempa seg gjennom strevet de husker. Neve på neve, prøver å slå igjennom for at folk skal se det. Hva vi prater om, hva vi bryr oss med, hvor mye hat det er , krig og ingen fred.

    Haiti, shit den verste naturkatastrofen jeg har sett i min tid, Haiti, shit, jente på syv år som lå under et lass av betong ble hentet ut etter å ha ligget å skriki, i 10 lange dager, verdens fattigste land og nå enda flere lande plager.

    Jeg lurer på hva som går gjennom tankene, et land som Haiti har en historie med å vandre på plankene.
    Nå som dette skjer, blir det absolutt ikke noe lettere, så hjelp til alt du kan, ta tak i tankene å la det gå sin gang, trykket vil bli lettere.

    For vi, lever trygt her hjemme i Norge, Haiti er langt borte, men vi kjenner fortsatt sorgen.
    Av millioner av mennesker uten hus,vann eller mat, små barn som sulter, Haiti er desperat etter hjelp fra deg og meg. Hjelp til nå, det er allerede ryddet vei.

    It`s a disaster, with hope hanging loose hours within the aftermath. They grasp for air, water is still a problem, food is near , but alone they cant solve them, now they have a greater fear. The problems of the aftermath, cath us shopping for material things, you can do the math.

    So put down your electrical material joy for the cause, we are safe right here, it is over there they need our thought`s

    This isnt Gods work, it is us to blame for poisaning the earth, buying joy for a bill and throwing it away, when others get killed from the chemical waste. So now its our turn to finally pay back for the things they didn`t educate us about, crators and cracks to the soul of human nature.

    Give a thought, take a stand, give`em a chance. It is only fair, give it up now, cos the time is here.
    To really show that we as great paople stands up for the cause, we can put our life on hold to help the ones whome life may forever be paused.

    Hjelp menneskene på Haiti! Help the people of Haiti!

    I give my best for all the people of Haiti.

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