Emergency Airlift

Yéle Haiti has teamed up with Federal Express, AmeriCares, Airline Ambassadors, Nature’s Path and Clif Bars for an airlift of medical supplies, food and other emergency items that are urgently needed to assist earthquake victims in Haiti. A FedEx plane will go to Port-au-Prince from Miami next week, the exact date to be determined based on securing landing clearance.

The public is invited to drop off specific items that will be part of the airlift. Yéle volunteers will be on site to screen the donations and will accept only the following items:

–    nutrition bars (individual or in packages)

–    blankets and sheets (unopened in store wrapping)

–    non-battery radios and flashlights (windup or solar)

–    candles (loose or in packages)

While the blankets are for people sleeping outdoors and on the street, the sheets are for wrapping bodies of the dead.

These items can be dropped off on Sunday, January 17th from 9:00am to 3:00pm at the following location:

Adrienne Arsht Center

1300 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33132-1608



    My 91 year grandmother went to spend Christmas & New Year with family in Haiti. She was due to return today, Saturday, January 16, 2010. SHE SUFFERS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE & IS OUT OF MEDICATION. She is a permanent resident of the US & has lived in Brooklyn, NY for 27 years_at: 1827 East 48th Street with my aunt, Micheline Edmee.

    Her home in Carrefour (Haiti) has a crack. She and the family survived the quake but are afraid to sleep in the home. They all have taken refuge at a church across the street. The family only goes back into the home to get a change of clothing and quickly get out.

    The church where they are is running out of food. And, Grandma is out of her medicine completely. PLEASE HELP ME, Cleffy. Please.

    HER NAME: Julienne Michel
    DOB: July 29, 1918 (91 yrs old)
    HAITI ADDRESS: Rue Juste
    Mariani 2eme Railles #811
    Carrefour, Haiti
    HAITI CONTACT#: 3607 3637 Jesula
    3431 5649 Denise
    3418 9970 Maxo
    3723 9857 Edline
    3732 4465 Tatiana

    Please help me get Grandma’s medication to her or help me bring her back to the US. The State Department is only getting U.S. citizens out of Haiti. She is 91 years old. Please.

    With sincere thanks,

    Dina Michel-Wiggins

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