“This is Apocalypse!!” – Wyclef PLEASE DONATE NOW TEXT YELE TO 501 501


  1. How pathetic it is that mister WyclefJean is asking the peole of this planet to raise 1 million dollars while the man himself and his wealthy collegues in hollywood have tons of money that could end world hunger. That could build Haitie back up in one day.
    These artists, actors and the bunch of them have trillions. TRILLIONS!!!
    YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELFS! Living in your 10 million dollar houses, driving your million dollar cars, owning your own planes, wearing your million dollar clothes and jewelery. And here they are asking the rest of the world to donate money. DISGUSTING!

  2. And who are you? And where are you? On the streets of Port-au-Prince picking up dead bodies or…? If not, shut up. And do something, yourself!

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  4. God words teaches us to love one another and love is an action word. It compels one to give and even out of their need. Furthermore, the greatest Commandment of all is to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Pity the angry writer above, because “Love” is what also “covers a multitude of faults.” As a mother and grandmother who is financially challenged, I am searching Wyclef’s site to determine how my family can donate more than the $5.00. If you know how we can use our Debit/Credit Card/Check to donate more, please e-mail me at alicebbarr@yahoo.com. It’s time to show love and not hate. I don’t care if a Hatian has shown you Hate, return love, prayers and assistance. Wycleft and Haiti, this Black american family and many other families love, support and are praying for and with you. Disregard the negative. You see, the fool is found out when they open their mouth and say ignorant things. Wyclef is only asking us to help, when in turn help our souls and help us restore ourselves.

  5. God bless you Wyclef , no one can imagine how hard and how tough is to see all that suffering.My sister have work for the Haitian people for 15 years and still is doing it. Thanks for your humanitarian work .

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