Wyclef aka Toussaint St Jean – From The Hut, To The Projects, To The Mansion In Stores and Online Now!

DJ Drama Presents
Toussaint St Jean”Streets Pronounce Me Dead”
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Album Preview:

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Warriors Anthem

U Don’t Wanna Go Outside feat. Maino

Slumdog Millionaire feat. Cyndi Lauper aka Luscious Loo Loo

Number 1 Hip Hop EP Online and In Stores Now

Wyclef Jean a.k.a. Toussaint St. Jean - From the Hut, to the Projects to the Mansion (DJ Drama Presents Wyclef Jean a.k.a. Toussaint St. Jean) - From the Hut, to the Projects, to the MansionClick Here
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Raggamuffin Tour: Australia

Andrew McManus Presents is proud to presents: Raggamuffin 2010

Wyclef Jean – Shaggy – Julian Marley -Blue King Brown – Sly & Robbie – Steel Pulse – Sean Kingston – House Of Shem

Monday 25 January 2010 – ME BANK STADIUM, PERTH
Thursday 28 January 2010 – ENMORE THEATRE, SYDNEY *+
Friday 29 January 2010 – ENMORE THEATRE, SYDNEY *+
Saturday 30 January 2010 – RIVERSTAGE, BRISBANE


* Sydney tickets go on sale 9am Monday 30th November.+ Line up for Sydney show as follows:
Thursday 28: Wyclef Jean, Steel Pulse, Sly & Robbie, Sean Kingston, House Of Shem
Friday 29: Shaggy, Julian Marley, Blue King Brown, Sean Kingston, House Of Shem


ticketmaster.com.au 136 100      *ticketek.com.au 136 849

**raggamuffin.co.nz for more info

CZM: Behind The Scenes at Letterman – Slumdog Millionaire

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Sunday Sermon

I begin my sermon by saying, I am no greater then any man or women walking this planet 4 we are all great, equal in the eyes of the creator. Many are called, but a few are chosen for a greater purpose in life, how do you know that you are chosen?

If you have been persecuted you are chosen. If you are being hated, on you are chosen. If they say u will never be shit, because I ain’t shit you are chosen.

If we never cried, we would never know how good it feels to laugh. If you did not love life so much, we would not cry when our loved ones die.

Some don’t believe the story of daniel in the good book. They say the lions would have eaten him alive, Daniel’s faith is what keeps me alive. When daniel prayed it took god a while to get back to him. Make sure that you are praying to the right person, for evil spirits live in the air.

Some may say Wyclef you are bugging man, ain’t no such thing as evil spirits. I say to you, you never seen the wind but you’ve felt it. Believe in what you can’t see, so that you leave a little room for miracles in your life, you dig.

I am not trying to get you to follow my Religion, but my Spirituality. RELIGION sometimes separates us but Spirituality binds us together. Who is Wyclef? The son of a minister? The grandson of a Vodoo Priest? Nephew of a Mason? I am here to tell you god is real!

Your definition of god might be different then mine, but we both know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. I follow the god of Daniel. Christ was barely in the church, search for the unsaved not the saved! They are on the blocks! They are in the alley. Talk to my homies in the gangs. Besides talking about what prophets did 2000 years ago, lets act on what you we are doing now in 2009 to make the world a better place!

A man in a mansion is no greater then the garbage man that picks up trash from his home. For if it was not for the garbage man he would live in filth

I have seen man play king only to lose the thrown from the slave!


Wyclef Jean: In-store Performance and Signing at Best Buy Union Square NYC



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