Clef Warriors and Clef Zone Members::: Download My Latest Singles

In honor of all the crazy buzz ya’ll have been giving me on the internet I want to hit you with the three latest singles “Mr Autotune”, “More Bottles” and “We Made It” as a free internet download my gift to all of ya’ll. Now lets invade every site on the net! Post up the songs everywhere, your blog, your facebook, your myspace, twit about it. Ya’ll are part of the movement now, so lets spread the vibes. Clef Zone Members and Warriors lets go!!!

Click Here To Download All Three New Singles

Mr Autotune (featuring Nick Cannon)


More Bottles (featuring Timbaland)

Wyclef - More Bottles Promo Artwork

We Made It (Produced by The Runners)



  1. the movement is going worldwide! here’s your tinyURL:

    spread the word, warriors!

  2. Yo! WE MADE IT is a real dope song Homie! Production is no Joke!
    By the way, This is A.D half Haitian, half spanish Kid from Newark airport u took up 2 platinum one time. First of all, thank u very much 4 that. That wuz the realest thing I’ve ever seen from a famous star, Fa’real!. By the way I never had a chance to actually show u wut I do. Even tho’ u told me 2 come through anytime, ur man keith didnt even gave me a chance 2 go up to platinum again,(eventho’ he never heard wut I do). But anyway, I hope u find a couple of mins to check my page out! U wont regret it! I Know I can make hits, all I need is a lil’ chance n I wont disappoint u! trust me! Let me make u some mo’ dough lol…Thanks again 4 wut u did 4 me n 4 taking some time 2 read this mssg. Got alot of respect 4 u!
    hopefully I’ll hear back from u ,it would mean a lot 2 me.(even if u aint feeling my music) just 2 let me know wut Im at.
    P.S: by the way all songs are produced,written and performed by me. n excuse the sound quality, my equipment is very limited.(so is my money.. lol… :) Pce!

  3. ‘Clef, I think it’s great what you are doing for the music community. I am so happy and inspired to be a part of your Warrior Team. I can’t wait to get to know you even more as we work together.

    Thanks for making these tracks available to the public. You don’t have to, but you do. Music is one of the best ways to promote unity, and you do it with ease.

    Thanks for everything, and all to come my man.

    Matt Sunday (@mattsunday and @promosun)

  4. Go wyclef, and a fu la la la to you. bye have a great year!

  5. Mr Autotune, and We made it are Great. however, I think Mr. autotune is the best. I can’t wait for a video! Thanks CLEf!

  6. Wyclef,i just want to say you thanks for your show in french guyana,it’s was fabulous,you’re a real artist.
    I was the only who took a photo with you at the end of the show under the rain and i m very happy and proud.
    You can see the photo on my facebook(ou té di nou rangé figure nou, ou mèt al wè photo a,lol)
    I dont’s speak very well english but the esencial is here,thanks for the artist Wyclef Jean,i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee u,God bless you and your generosity!!!

  7. Clef, I am loving all the tracks that I have heard so far. As usual you bring us various spices to lively up ourselves. “We Made It” is my jam so far. I said it once I will say it again MORE FIYAH

  8. Wow I finally made it here! Wyclef, I love your music and appreciate the downloads, awesome! And you also made my day @ the Hector video hahaa. I’m not part of the Warrior group but I would like pose a challenge. the challenge you gave out today was to feed someone that’s homeless. I would like you to have the Warriors to help the elderly too. Especially in the South. It’s extremely hot and too many times I have seen elderly women walking from grocery stores with their food in this heat or waiting 30 minutes or more. Please ask your Warriors to help them out during these hot summer days. Give them a ride, carry their groceries. Feed the homeless everyday. What you do is a marvelous thing. We need more real men and women doing the things you do. Happy Father’s Day!!

  9. Clef you the autotune music man… the track is a killer. keep it popping boss!

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