Twitter “More Bottles” Remix Contest

What up world your boy Wyclef. In honor of reaching 200,000 followers on twitter I am inviting 10 special twitheads to join me at Platinum Sound in New York City and help create the More Bottles Twitter Remix. We had ya’ll showcase your rawest talent using 30 second Bubbletweet auditions. I have narrowed it down to the following finalists. Now its you the fan’s turn to decide, vote for your favorite bubbletweet audition. Cast your vote now!

Wyclef - More Bottles Promo Artwork

Listen to The New Single

Click Here to View Audition

Click Here to View Audition

Click Here to View Audition

Click Here to View Audition

Click Here to View Audition

Click Here to View Audition

yoonixClick Here to View Audition

DgirlzClick Here to View Audition

msmarieClick Here to View Audition

FATALEClick Here to View Audition

cussedClick Here to view Audition

CazzyClick Here to View Audition

alizeClick Here to View Audition

quianaClick Here to View Audition

alyciaClick Here to View Audition

kryClick Here to View Audition

rachClick Here to View Audition

extremeClick Here to View Audition

glowClick Here to View Audition

ministClick Here to View Audition

gangstaClick Here to View Audition

LauraClick Here to View Audition

nateClick Here to View The Audition

RecoClick Here to View Audition


  1. wyclef…lot of talented folks, but i’m your more bottles winner…

    good seeing you at ASCAP recently. .. my more bottles remix:
    Anita Oak (c) 2009
    She don’t feel a thing
    Drown it in a bottle, said
    She can numb the pain
    Head’s above the water and
    Little girl is on the corner crying
    Save us from the ignorance,
    Liquor is bliss…

  2. BubbleTweet –>

  3. BubbleTweet –> not sure how to submit my aud. so i’ll just do this. thanks for giving us a chance with you.

  4. I want more bottles, broads, dames, 2 bitches…no snitches, I’m not you, I’m the one who just did it..I’m the one who took 30 seconds, more bottles and a chance to kick it with Wyclef Jean at Platinum. To some of you my words may not make sense now, but if you’d kindly put on the “walk it out intstrumental”, go back to the top & read again..then SEE WHAT? the Twit said..Nowhere does it say that you’re prohibited from entering the contest if you lost the plug to your Bottles..
    Just another war torn Veteran, I’m that of who I maybe, I’ve popped bottles in Spain and popped bottles in Iraq, no change in service..PTSD is that new “virus”out..’til we stop these wars I’ll be one of another who’s fought for where I stand, blood sweat and tears stain the face of a man.

  5. 1

  6. Sorry Wyclef, I wasn’t sure if I’ve been sending in my audition the right way, but here it is just in case. Blessings!

    @wyclef Behind this sweet face..check out my alter ego’s More Bottles Remix BubbleTweet from @diggy_wiggy –>

  7. AJAFatale is the only rapper goin’ hard…get ya vote in AJAFatale

  8. i would love for the opportunity to come to NY and vibe with you and the others …check out my More Bottles Remix heres my audition Clef

    Much Respect

  9. yo clef no disrespect to every that trying to get on this track, but can you open this contest for one more cause i got the sawg u looking for,for this more bottles remix track.

  10. FOLLOW me on Twitter man! Dupa3

  11. What the heck happened? Why is this contest getting drawn out. Just get it over with and start creating music.

  12. Wyclef – I can tell you that Nate Erickson is the real deal. He interned w/ me at Ingenex Digital. I am also a big fan of yours and have been since back in the day! Cool contest!

  13. That’so funny…I was at 1% yesterday morning…then I went to 8% by yesterday evening…and then this morning I’m back to 1%….lol…..Oh well…I know I’ll never get back to 1% again but I’m just glad I was even considered to be added to this list…

    Thank you again, Wyclef!

    The Alien Bluez Dude

  14. Oh well…maybe i always was at 1%….lol….I know I’m not always 100%!

  15. I’m probably reading someone else’s results….I never was good at math….lol

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