Incase You Missed It: Memorial Day Performances and New Music

“Daddy was a Good Man” Acoustic performance for all the Veterans and fallen soldiers. Put your lighters up time to unite for peace.

“More Bottles” Memorial Day Jam Session: Live from Platinum Sound Studios

New Street Singles

“We Made It” Produced by The Runners

haitian flagmod3

More Bottles (War on our Hands) Featuring Timbaland



  1. Hey Clef! just wanted to comment on your appearance! The hair cut makes you look more hip…also there is this aura about you I am sensing which is pretty much more relaxed and carefree! it shows lookwise! keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working! also loved you in the beige cap doing the Memorial Day Jamm…definitely feeling that hip look!!! LOL

  2. Daddy was a good man…

    Thanks for sharing that with us.

    That was from the heart. I could feel it. It was obvious.

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  4. I attended Nassau School in East Orange, NJ

  5. We lived on the corner of Nassau Place and Central Ave. in East Orange, Nassau School was right across the street. I lived there for 13 years. I then went to VLD Junior High before moving to Irvington.

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