Incase You Missed It: Guitar Hero Part One

Check out the real guitar hero! Hip Hop Hammer-ons, Van Halen Swagger:

Incase You Missed It: Memorial Day Performances and New Music

“Daddy was a Good Man” Acoustic performance for all the Veterans and fallen soldiers. Put your lighters up time to unite for peace.

“More Bottles” Memorial Day Jam Session: Live from Platinum Sound Studios

New Street Singles

“We Made It” Produced by The Runners

haitian flagmod3

More Bottles (War on our Hands) Featuring Timbaland


Clef’s News: Tyson’s daughter dies after accident, police say

(CNN) — The 4-year-old daughter of former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson died Tuesday, a day after she was injured in a treadmill accident at her home, police in Phoenix, Arizona, said.

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Clef’s News: Opposition anger at Niger leader

BBC News – Opponents of President Mamadou Tandja of Niger have accused him of trying to turn the country into a dictatorship.

Mr  Tandja, 70, dissolved parliament hours after the constitutional court rejected his plan to hold a referendum on extending his time in office.

He is due to complete the permitted maximum of a decade in power, two five-year terms, later this year. President Tandja’s supporters say he deserves to stay on as he has boosted the uranium-rich country’s economy.

Observers in the mutiny-prone country told the BBC’s Idy Baraou they fear the political limbo may give the army an opportunity to intervene.

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Clef’s News: Huge blast rocks Pakistani city

BBC NEWS – Rescuers are searching the rubble of a police building in the Pakistani city of Lahore after a bomb attack killed at least 23 people and injured 200.

Gunmen reportedly opened fire on guards before detonating a car bomb which flattened the emergency response building at police HQ. Nearby offices of the ISI intelligence service were also damaged.

The interior ministry chief linked the attack to Taliban insurgents whom troops are battling in the Swat valley.

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Clef’s News: Partisan confirmation hearings expected for Sotomayor

WASHINGTON (CNN) — When Sonia Sotomayor won Senate confirmation to the U.S. Court of Appeals in 1998, all 29 “no” votes were cast by Republicans.

That may happen again when the Senate votes in coming months on Sotomayor’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. The career jurist nominated by President Obama would be the first Hispanic justice — and only the third woman justice — in the history of the nation’s highest court. 

Those distinctions make Sotomayor’s confirmation by the Democratic-majority Senate virtually certain, analysts say. They also note that Republican President George H.W. Bush first nominated Sotomayor as a federal judge, indicating broad political appeal.

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