Wyclef is Performing at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas Sunday May 24th

I will be performing in Sin City LAS VEGAS!!!

Sunday May 24th
LAX Nightclub
Luxor Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Click Here for more Information


  1. You make me want to Drive to vegas so i don’t miss it!

  2. The last time I saw you perform live was in Vegas at the Palms. What a show! I think this was the first show I stage dove at, after you made a call for ladies to join you on the stage. That night, I accidentally threw my dress on top of a candle and burned it full of holes, at least I didn’t burn down the hotel! The next day, Billie Jean and I ordered some breakfast and than moved to some hammock chairs down by the pool. These three fellows sit down at our table and order some breakfast, we all eat together. They were all producers in town for a film festival. They got a kick out of my dress and offered to take us shopping so we could go to the Maxim magazine Hot 100 party. We actually got them into the party somehow. We walked the red carpet but didn’t stop for the cameras. David Navarro came up to me right when we got there to say hi, thought he knew me from somewhere. Within minutes, Paris Hilton had come to our table and the cast from Starsky and Hutch were hanging out. It was all pretty surreal, enhanced by my endless glass of red wine.

    I got to the airport the next day without shoes or photo id. The lady working at the airport just smiled and handed me my boarding pass; told me she had hooked me up with a great seat. Can only imagine what another weekend in Vegas for Wyclef’s show would be like!

  3. […] Wyclef is Performing at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas Sunday May 24th … […]

  4. I have only watched you on television and have always thought that you are an amazing talent. Maybe oneday I will have the opportunity to see you live…

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