Live Concert For Twitter

Twitter Jam

In honor of reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter I bring to ya’ll an exlusive live performance from Platinum Sound Studios.


  1. A thousand thank yous for this!!! and I’m also bowing real low to you right now Wyclef! that is some real & raw and uneditted talent right thurrr!!! You’re simply the best at your craft! the undisputed champ!!!! ROCK ON BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. A beautiful day to start the day. Many thanks and blessings.

  3. Wyclef , you are one talented man. Just do me a favor and bottle me up some of that, and send it to me in Texas. Great jam session, great flow. Much love for ya.

    True Innovation

  4. […] Via Wyclef Jean’s Blog […]

  5. Dude, awesome performance. Genuinely.

  6. Thank you for this amazing gift! Your voice is magic, your energy inspired! Thank you for making me, and all of your Twitter-aholics feel special!
    Christina – GoogleJuice

  7. This is simply awesome! I have been sitting here all day at my desk with the window…. playing this over and over… looking out at the Mandarin… Starbucks… the Washington Monument…. and can see a corner of the Capitol… just ROCKIN OUT !

  8. I love the free concert, I didn’t get a chance to check out the other new songs, but I will do it now, someone please call 911, and gone til november are the shit. Let me listen to your other two songs and then I will give you my honest opinion.


  10. Thanks for the concert and all these songs, just playing the guitar and singing, the expression of a real musician. like you are
    Thanks for sharing this performance with all the tweet heads .

  11. There is only one word: wow! Love it. Happy flag day, l’union fait la force!

  12. You are a truly amazing brother!!!!
    Wyclef you should Hear this girl sing, she is from Cape Town South Africa her name is ANSHIN.
    Sister is truly talented and hott!!!!

    keep up the great work!!!

  13. Music to heal the soul…many thx!!

  14. Wow–that was great. I have been playing all your songs all day on my pc. Now I keep going to Itunes to see if I can buy them so I can take your music with me!

    Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us. Love, Love, Love your music. You are very cool.

  15. Exa.Friggin.Tastic.Ful concert, Wyclef. Oh wow – you are really talented. I mean, you have an essence that translates – the lyrics sometimes get lost in translation, but the energy, the spirit, the SOUL always comes through! WOW. Blown away by this mini-concert and I would be jealous if I was the Facebook Clefheads because we TwitterClefs got the most amazing set!

    I had to replay your freestyle rap part about 5 times – that is just some TIGHT freestyling. Amazing.

    I love this “You don’t gotta be no billionaire to get a ticket up to the moon. We all know somebody up there….” WOW. just wow. It almost makes me wanna cry. I don’t know why that line moves me so.

    WOW WYCLEF. AMAZING. Did I say that enough for YOU, cuz I sure didn’t say it enough for me. A.MA.ZING. You should drop that RIGHT NOW. That needs to be on the radio. Do it like you did the Barack video. This should be viral. It’s breathtaking in scope, powerful imagery, depth and clarity of vision, and flowetry.

    Thank you, for this. But there’s NOT WAY you can do this for every 100,000 followers. Put a limit – otherwise you’ll be doing nothing but mini-concerts because you’ll be getting hundreds of thousands of followers a lot faster than you think!

    I give this concert smileys because it’s just that good.
    :) :) :) :) :)

  16. there’s NO* WAY
    I give this concert 5* smileys

  17. everything’s gonna be all right now!! nice perform my mann!

  18. Hey Wyclef, what a kick as jam, I do a pretty good cover of No Woman No Cry myself. I would love for you to check my stuff out if you get a chance at

    I do 4 hour shows at various bars around Indianapolis area, and I’m looking for a real shot. So check it out for me if you get a chance.

    One more thing, thanks so much for wishing my baby happy birthday. We are huge fans, and she was overcome with excitement as we got down to an oldie like Gone til November, and it was awesome. You rock

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