“On Tour” – Episode One


  1. you didn’t focus on the passport !
    it’s fake !

  2. well…. i guess that ain’t Southwest Airlines…. wow

  3. clef,

    More videos please.keep them comin. In some of your interviews you seem so serious. Its good to see you laughing.

  4. sak pase clef, I just learned about the blog today. Im glad your doing it.

  5. I wish I could do push ups like these! then again with Clef’s trademark backflips I did not expect anything less from him (lol) looking forward to the next episode of “On Tour” and yes! we’d love to see that drunk guy! LOL please keep them coming!

  6. Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm should check out JB Smoove (Leon Black) do stand up comedy.

  7. Wyclef, it is so cool for you to let us see a glimpse of your lfe on the road. Do you fly on your own private plane? Does Claudinette and Angelina travel with you all the time? Does that colon cleanser stuff make you lose weight? Do you feel different like more energy or something? All fascinating to me…can’t wait for To Sir With Love.

    Anyhow, thank you for your blog! I love it.

  8. Clef,

    I’ve been trying to get in touch with you for sometime. I’m a legal schoalr who writes on critical race theory and more recently on hip-hop’s impact on law and culture. I blog (along with several law professors) at http://www.hiphoplaw.com.

    I’ve written an article about you and your music that will be published in the Oklahoma City University Law Review this fall and I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you. The article is entitled “Conversations with the Law: Irony, Hyperbole and Identity Politics or Sake Pase? Wyclef Jean, Shottas, and Haitian Jack – A Hip-Hop Creole Fusion of Rhetorical Resistance to the Law.”

    You can download a somewhat editted draft of the article at http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1224312.

    You can email me at nicksciullo@hotmail.com if you’re interested in commenting on and/or discussing the article.


    Nick J. Sciullo

  9. Hey, Wyclef. Love the video blog. I remember when you took the time to school me on your tour bus in ATL. Will never forget. Much love.

  10. This was amazing! WOW, the LIFE OF A SUPERSTAR… WE commoners out here can only dream of that type of life. But you know what? The richest people in the world are not even rich, they are those that appreciate EVERYTHING that they have even if they aren’t the best of things. I know you are one of those people, Wyclef! God bless you!

  11. Bien Wyclef?
    Juste un check de la banlieue. J’ai lu quelques articles de ton blog et j’ai kiffe. Continue a kiffer la vie et a nous inspirer avec ta zic. Peu d’artistes aujourd’hui font passer des messages positifs et intelligents. Ecouter tes albums solo et aussi blunted et the score ca ma donne envie decrire des pages et des pages de rhymes, travailler le flow et devenir meilleur.
    Bonne chance pour To Sir.

    Ps: Are not all passions curiosity? Once you are no longer curious then the passion dies. Once you have no more questions about a woman for example, nothing more to discover physically or emotionally the passion dies. Most people say curiosity is a flaw but it’s also a quality. Without curiosity how will one find that passion/curiosity that never ends?

    On parlait de ca avec des potes et c’est pertinent a ton blog alors…


  12. The DON Chocolate Thunda! My Hero! n tell fake Jesus to sit down….Magdalen was well skilled in the Tantric Arts and wrongly defined by the fake profits! HA! Take THAT!
    I sincerely thank you for the all access backstage pass that is Jerry! ROAD TRIP!!!!ahaaa

  13. Hey Clef
    I think its hilarious how that guy Balen’s name means candle in kreyol MGD(map griyen danm) lol. Anyway keep it up. You make us proud!

  14. how can I help these kids in HAITI CLEF

  15. WHEN WE GANNA HAVE YOU IN MIAMI CLEF????????????????????????

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