Wyclef Jean’s Video Blog – Episode Seven


  1. If you lose any weight from this MEGA COLON BLOW, you are going to be invisible………. we’re gonna make you turn to the side and stick out your tongue for the best impersonation of a ZIPPER!!!! lol

  2. YAAAAAAY! Spring Cleansing! I’m so proud of you Clef…u always striving to do the Right Thing. Is that Dr. Goss’s New Body Products? Anyway, wish it was that easy for a Sistah to get an interview. Got a story 4 ya.

    1996 Smoking Grooves Tour: The Fugees headlinin The SCORE, Ziggy Marley, Busta Rhymes, Tribe with Spearhead opening, two months after you graced Tupac with ‘California Love’ on your Guitar at ABC Studio’s “Saturday Night Special” pilot. Excited to get media clearance from the House of Blues. Los Angeles needed Real Hip Hop and I was determined to bring it to them via the Fugees with my lil Hip Hop News Program. Rented a car, hired my crew…got to the gate…then SCRREEEECH! “Sorry, your media passes have been revoked”! Wow, what did I do? I was heartbroken…kinda like Chocolate Thunda, still waitin on my happy ending when I win my Academy for Best Motion Picture….it’s comin I can feel it… the Shepherd boy, Slumdog Milli n me…one day, I can see the pyramids on the Horizon. lol

    Looking forward to the All Access (Jerry) Backstage Passes to the Video Blog Tour!

  3. Yo Clef! you should branch out into comedy as well man! your impersonation of the encounter with the persistant fan at the supermarket was hillarious! and the part where you mimicked your daughter screaming “I want fudge! I want chocolate fudge” while explaining to the fan that you were trying to get her chocolate was priceless! LOL LOL

    As usual you guys delivered! and of course Jerry kept the humor floating…I love me some Jerry man! I mean where else but on this blog would the fans find out things such as Wyclef Jean grocery shopping with the family or getting ready to do a colon cleanse prior to going on tour??? I am getting hooked on this blog that’s for sure! I am actually learning how to cleanse my colon!…This product endorsed by the great Wyclef, does it work? how long does one need to be on it? how many lbs of junk can one expect to lose and last but not least…does one need to starve themselves and stop after 3 days as with the Lemonade master cleanse? Mezanmi! I am sharing colon cleanse tips with a superstar, how cool is that???

    Thanks for your comments on Obama Clef, it’s interesting how you said that people need to be patient, because I was watching a press conference not too long ago where Obama said that the togetherness experienced on inauguration day lasted only a minute, could you believe that?! politics is not for the meek, that’s for sure!…needless to say, it’s refreshing that celebrities such as yourself still go on record in support of him…lord knows he needs that a lot! In my opinion, Obama has accomplished in days what others could not do in years…and yes! his trip overseas was a major success…we all should be patient and allow the guy and his team to come up with solutions that will enable them to help America out of its current crisis…slowly but surely things are getting better…now is not the time to critisize but is a time to put our heads together at working towards a common ground!

    Last but not least, thanks for this blog Clef, it’s contents and words of inspiration. There ain’t no one more genuine than you and that’s why we love you baby…stay real and stay grounded always…have a wonderful week Wyclef, Jerry and everyone else!!!

  4. yo man! this will made you thinner! and your hairstyle! You had long hair falling over your shoulders… Now I can see your hairs! again!
    Your style was unequalled. Was a real black style, and there was no one like you!
    I remember the carnegie hall. You was incredible, the other ones often so uninteresting person. And the way you showed yourself was… so expressive.
    Wyclef was wyclef, man…

  5. @Irbag!
    Son you speak of Wyclef in the past, but what you failed to realize is that Wyclef is still Wyclef man…It’s all about the person’s essence, the person’s soul…seen? whatever spirit drove him then, still drives him now…remember man makes the style, the style never makes the man…but yeah! I loved them dreads too…but he’s still styling it! still stayin’ fresh and still handsome as ever!

  6. Wyclef,

    I have just found your blog and think it’s great! I love your Video’s and how it is possible to see your sense of humor through them. Mostly though, I enjoy the awareness of social issues that is shown through your work as well as these blogs. Your idea’s are increasingly relevant and I love thinking about them as you place them in today’s world. A discussion of them with you would be even better! -Sofia

  7. Sak pasé Clef! Much respect to the movement, the art, the humour and the social/political/health awareness. The blog is really funny and you got us fans coming back for more every week. Quick question: what is the name of the product you’Re advertising on this blog? I think I could use a colon cleaning myself lol.

    p.s. When are you going to bless us again at another Blues Fest in Ottawa, Canada?! We’Re waiting! Much Love.

  8. WYCLEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS IT MY IMAGINATION OR WAS THAT MY COMMENT YOU WERE READING AT TIME FRAME 1:59???? OMG! OMG! OMG! I am so honored I don’t even know what to do with myself right now!!!! I can probably jump on my desk and do my HAPPY DANCE but I MIGHT GET FIRED AND IT’S A RECESSION OUT THERE. Ha ha ha! Oh my goodness, thank you for acknowledging me, Wyclef. I can show this to my children and grandkids one day when I’m schooling them on the GREAT LEGENDS OF MY TIME… WOW! WOW! WOW!

  9. Wyclefluber’s comment is too cute and sooooo danm funny!!! LOL LOL LOL

  10. yoh Clef! i feel wat you doing man giving us alot a good advice. as a musician of TAP-FLAP you impress me with your solo guitar. me i play bass guitar and bigup Jerry w. 4sure is holding it down , man im a big fan. but yoh! you waz taz talking the good stuff thats good for your inside man i want to know the name of those natural stuff man please let me know. and i also would like to send a copy of my demo. let me tell you man this a good way to connect to your fan allover the world. it is a blessing keep doing wat u doing man we luv it and tell Jerry he gotta quit drinking man cuz to me is a legeng of the Fkeys on strings that is peace out. TAP-FLAP CHECK IT ON YOUTUBE.COM (TAP-FLAP KOMPA LIVE)

  11. “doc i drink a lotta liquor is that a good thing”

    “New york rappers rap and florida rappers make hits”

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