‘Clef Notes – The Forbidden Tree

I knew that my childhood stories would have you dying and laughing!  LOL.  Thanks for all the great comments.  Buckle up…that’s only the beginning.  Today is Friday, so its time for the ‘Clef Notes – my philosophy of the week.  This one is called “The Forbidden Tree”.  

There are many trees in the garden but the tree that has your curiosity going is the forbidden tree.  The fact that you are told that you can touch any other tree, except for this one.  Now let’s translate the trees to men and women.  Women, I ask you, is there a forbidden fruit in your life?  As you read this, he’s probably next to you.  If it was easy, you would have no interest.   You are intrigued  by the taboo of the situation.  Now I’ll speak to the men!   The same for you. You too are intrigued by the taboo of the situation.  But I say to all – beware.  I speak not as one that has never bitten the fruit, for I am human!  I’m also intrigued by the taboo.  

I must start by warning myself first.  What happens after you eat the forbidden fruit?  It is no longer forbidden.  Then you start to deal with all of the side effects of the fruit!  What once made you laugh, makes you angry.  What used to be passion, has turned into casual sex.  Your conscience now haunts you every night when you sleep with he or she that was there for you, before one tree was up.   They helped you hose the garden.   It kills you inside to see you have betrayed them with the forbidden fruit!

I say to all those with these side effects, may this writing bring you back to health.

Wyclef aka the preacher son aka chocolate thunder


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