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I just got back from Florida again. I’ve been working really hard on this new album.   I can only hope all is well and hope that you really understand how much your words inspire me when I read your comments.

We are putting the final touches on a new blog movie called “On Tour”.  The whole thing is shot on camera phones and will be a hit.  It will premiere here first, so check-in to see when Episode One is live.

To my man that wants me to pull the zonda out of the garage… I will one day!  I promise.   For now, I’m looking for an electric car, but no scientist has yet to master the technology.

I leave you with these words of wisdom:  A man left with a trillion dollar deficit to clean up these United States of America should not be criticized, but should be praised!



  1. I want you to pull the MACLAREN F1 OUT THE GARAGE!!!!

    I thought I heard that the Germans had an electric car coming… and there was a $2,000 car being made in Africa I think…. I might be all over the place… but lack of sleep with a 20 month old and a 2 week old should get me a mulligan!

    I think you need to record a track in DC… or even White Plains, MD !!!

  2. check out the tesla car clef…

    fully electric with lithium-ion batteries

    keep it real

  3. Seriously though…. that Zonda is so incredibly sick… I mean… I’m speechless for it. My dream car was the Viper… and I went out and got it…. had a kid and had to get rid of it, so I got the Viper Truck… That no where near comes close to the Zonda.

    I would sit in awe for about an hour before being able to even muster the courage to SIT in it! I don’t want to advocate worshipping material things… but that car is perfection! If you ever want to donate it… I know someone who would take gooooood care of it and dust it every 30 mins! THIS GUYEEEE RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!

  4. hey clef,

    being a long time fan since the tranzlators crew, i know your tastes for style, speed, and mechanics…..and since you’re looking for an electric car that has been perfected….there is a new electric car called the venturi fetish ( which is solely electric, gets a full charge in 3 hours, and can reach top speeds of about 112 mph (180km/hr). It’s gorgeous as well, has that eclectic (or ecleftic, haha) appeal. I myself have been looking for an electric car that has a decent charge rate/distance, is affordable/roomy, and looks normal…this however seems impossible. Another option to consider, being the car collector that you are, is to convert a car to electric. This can be done to virtually any car, from a pinto to a ferrari.

    by the way….whatever happened to the affordable sports car line you were going to produce? maybe you could pioneer the industry and release the first affordable sports electric cars? hahaha just a thought (or wishful hope)…

    god bless clef…

  5. Telsa wants $450 million from the government to start working on the electric car. It’s in the NYTimes

    Sidebar: Carnival 2 was a Masterpiece. Magnum Opus! The track with Mary should of been a single.

  6. among thousand one is chosen ,like nazareth nothing good ever came there, then a messiah came forth, so good seeds were in nazareth, light shine there in nazareth , potential was there , in the city of nazareth just like Haiti potential lies there, so shout out to clef! potential lies in nazareth it was ever there .

  7. There is a dawn of enlightment that ozz in the hill and mountains of Haiti. Eyes and ears of her children are active to her misery and pain. And now they have spoken and the roots of her freedom has embrace the tree of liberty that once sleep. The Diaspora and renaissance minds have awaken. keep the renaissance music going clef the mountain and hills have awaken.

  8. the have nots are an inspiration to those that have. those that have tell their stories , speak there dreams and walk those future paths they continue to aspire for when there eyes are close. keep the renaissance music going clef one love .

  9. HI Wyclef,
    So anxious to get your next album. Any insight as to when you think it might be done?

  10. Why Florida? Is it that you can feel a vibe in the sweet warm humid smell of the air? I love The Islands and The South. The people, the scenery, the greenery, the food, the music, the AIR. That mild spring heat makes you feel alive and ready to party. It’s strange how a place makes you FEEL different. A forest vs. a city. A beach vs. a mountain. Snow vs. tropical rain with the sun shining through the towering clouds. An island versus the mainland. It can be very subtle. A palm tree versus an oak tree creates a different feeling in me.

    Whatever you can do to bring people that Caribbean vibe, do it…
    I NEED it. The vibe! The FEELING the music produces. The ENERGY that gets you moving your head even when you’re too tired to dance. The vibe and the music are connected, but they are distinct. That feeling you get when you’re in a dark hot sweaty packed dancehall in the middle of a midsummer night. Or when you sit on a porch with a friend in the evening and look at the sunset while sippin a cold drink and playing your favorite tunes. Do something for all the outdoor parties and festivals. The cats setting up sound systems in the parks.

    That Carnival vibe.
    That J’OUVERT vibe!
    Crack of dawn with a drink in my palm.
    Palm trees, breeze, white sands, turquoise seas.
    Masks, moko jumbie stilt dancing, humpin and bumpin, winin and grindin.
    Subwoofers on a big rig shaking the foundations of colonial buildings and streets from eras long gone, witnesses to a past none have known, let alone comprehended.
    A kaleidoscopic, rainbow mosh pit of spinning rags and flags and smiling faces.
    Heavy bass and a celebratory spirit to let babylon know “We still here… No matter what you do, we’ll still be here. We kicked your ass before, and we’ll do it again. Leave us alone so we can have fun.”

    People say Reggae is rebel music. True. But as far as I can tell, the overwhelming majority of Caribbean music is rebel music, if not ALL of it. Maybe the music business can kill the spirit if the artist isn’t careful and mindful of the PURPOSE of music.

    Perhaps all music is inherently rebellious, so maybe the phrase “rebel music” is redundant. A rebellion of spirit. An uprising of spirit.
    It’s the spirit overwhelming the body until you are compelled to dance and sing. The revolution begins within.

    Keep experimenting in the lab! I know you’re concocting fresh styles that will have that unique flavor you bring. In my humble opinion, what makes you successful is that you aren’t trying to sound like someone else. You aren’t trying to be someone else. Think of all the wack emcees and deejays who end up sounding like a poor imitation of someone else. You pay homage to other people, but you never sound like them. Like how Bunny Wailer never sounded like Bob, and Bob never sounded like Tosh. They were doing the same music, but doing it differently. All the greats sound unique.

    Your music speaks to old people, kids, and people who are culturally from a different world from you.

    I guess I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know and overstand.

    So let me serve as a reminder, to remind you of the beauty,
    and the duty to spread beauty and move booty.

  11. I think as a musician, you often wonder what will happen to your song once you release it and people play it.

    I remember listening to your version of Guantanamera at a nighttime party in El Parque de Almendares, in a Havana suburb, far away from the tourist attractions… You have to walk in a park in the dark to an old deteriorating concrete outdoor amphitheater surrounded by Banyan trees, and pay 50 cents / 10 Cuban pesos to get in. This is where real Hiphoppas in Havana meet. That moment was unforgetable. It wasn’t JUST the song, but the fact I was IN Cuba at this super super undaground party listening to that ONE particular song surrounded by Cuban Hiphoppas. That’s the only time I heard that whole song over a real sound system. I can’t even express what I felt. Maybe I don’t have to. Maybe you felt it when you wrote the song. I wonder if I was the only person who understood the lyrics at the party. I feel like MAYBE I’m one of the few people on Earth that understands the VIBE of that song, simply because that was the only time I REALLY heard that song because of where I was. I can only recreate that feeling in memory. Your music reached me out there.

    It reached me years before when I was in middle school and I heard “How many mics” when I was sleeping on my friend’s floor burning incense. That was the first time I listened to The Score. I never heard anything like that. That was the first time I fell in love with Rap again after losing the interest I first had in kindergarten.

    I remember drawing with oil pastels in my room after a middle school dance, thinking about a girl I had a crush on listening to Mona Lisa, and wishing that I could have danced with her. Remember that? That longing for love in a young heart?

    I remember listening to songs like Party By the Sea during my first trip to the Caribbean in St. Thomas, and I went to my first J’ouvert in St. John’s after partying to Soca all night for the first time and dancing to a reggae DJ that was set up by a little outdoor restaurant. I won’t even waste my time trying to articulate how much that trip impacted me. Let me give you an example:

    I wouldn’t have met my girlfriend if it wasn’t for you. Really. I was at a Chicano student conference/dinner at UC Davis in Cali, and there was a Central American dance instructor from Guatemala who was giving a presentation. I talked with her afterwards about Soca and Caribbean music, and I wanted to give her your songs with the island flavor. I met one of her best friends when I came to give her the CD at one of her classes, and I gave her friend a ride home, playing the soca I had gotten from that trip in St. Thomas (have you heard Jam Band from the USVI? They remixed “I don’t want to lose your love tonight” in one of their medleys on the Superheroes album. You would approve.). Anyway, a few months later, the dance instructor used Track 8 (I forget the name) on your creole album that I gave her for a dance performance at a hippie world cultural festival they have at UC Davis every May. Her friend was in the dance troupe, and she gave me her number since she had a crush on me and I was too dumb to notice. Anyway, we eventually started dating, and that was over a year ago. (A funny side note about that day, was I met a girl who was playing your music on the same sound system where the dance troupe had performed. I remarked that it was the first time I heard Carnival on a real sound system.) Another side note, my girlfriend graduated from the school of Rutgers in Newark, lived in Elizabeth NJ. By the way.

    I can even think of last week, when I was blasting Ghetto Racine outside a KRS-ONE show from a little sound system I set up outside for the people waiting in line, and a lady walking by asked me if that type of music was going to be at the show. “Who’s KRS ONE? Is he like Common?”

    I could go on and on, but I think you’ll get the point. Why do I mention all of this? I’m not simply trying to compliment you, since you get compliments all the time. I want to inspire you by letting you know how your work has impacted me for the better. My main point is that being able to reach people at the right moment is important. Being able to make a song that people will not only remember, but remember WHAT THEY WERE DOING when they heard it and HOW THEY FELT when they first heard it. Being able to create a soundtrack for someone’s life is an honor. When art mixes with life, and blends seamlessly. Songs in the key of life. The fact that I even remember all this is amazing. Being able to inspire a FEELING is incredible. I remember seeing you at a show with my girlfriend in Sacramento in Cali and One Blood came on and you did a stage dive and later you said you lost your mind for a second. Therefore, I think you know what I’m talking about, which is good, because my words can’t convey fully what I feel unless you’ve felt it too.

    It’s like when I first found my parent’s Bob Marley Legend compilation during my summer in between 4th grade and 5th grade, and I blasted it every morning before going to daycare. I remember that. You remember who you listened to all the time growing up. Particular moments when a certain song came on. That’s magic. All the greats do it to you. Santana. Dennis Brown. James Brown. etc.

  12. How could I forget sophomore year driving to key west from miami and my tape (yes boys and girls we used to have cassettes… ha ha) had the last three songs on the Carnival, and I had the album Legalize It and of course Marley. Rainbow Country etc. I remember that vibe… drinking Jupina pineapple soda from the Cuban restaurant. Florida is cool, even when you can’t go to clubs. I remember in particular that your songs came on somewhere around Key Largo going to Key West. Tell me that wasn’t a fun drive! Driving on those huge bridges over the middle of the sea! Classic moment. Classic Tape. Perfect fit. What a good place to record!

    I remember the last day of the trip, Elian Gonzales was kidnapped by the Feds. At the same time we were leaving to the airport.

    Did you know that in Havana there’s a statue of Jose Marti holding a child (that I THINK is suppsoed to be Elian Gonzales) and pointing to the US Embassy? The joke that Cubans have is that Marti is telling the kid where to get a green card.

  13. wow… Thinktank writes books and Afrocreol writes some confusing, crazy stuff…. The comments are as fun to read as the blogs. HAHA.

  14. Thanks Clef!!! I look forward to seeing the Zonda! You are the peoples Champ!!

  15. Hmmmm…I sense a master piece in the making! take your time boo, I know you will deliver and then some when you drop your next album! Anyways, looking forward to the “On Tour” blog movie! you are soooo spoiling us and we love it to death!!! Vive Wykiki!!! (Muah)

  16. Oh where is my little rolling thingy!!! LOL
    I am LMAO @ Dopa 3’s comment in regards to Thinktank and Afrocreol!!! Oh, I soooo needed a good laugh!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  17. Wyclef… I can’t wait for your “On TOUR” footage. Is it me or are your posts dwindling down to like only 2-3 a week, if even that? I know you are busy but I wouldn’t want you to forget your loyal fans. I look forward to reading your blogs everyday, even if I have to sneak at doing it in my cubicle at work. ha ha

    “A man left with a trillion dollar deficit to clean up these United States of America should not be criticized, but should be praised!” —

    He should not only be praised but SUPPORTED 100% thru, throughout every decision that he is resorted to for not only does he need our silent approval but also our loyalty. He cannot do it alone…

  18. I’ll try to keep it coherent and thoughtful for y’all.

    Ey, did my previous comments sound a little like Pablo Diablo?

    Mira mami… Guantanamera… Ey…. I love is for everyone, man… Ju know, it reminds me of the former time and the bongos is playing all night in the baaar… eyyyyy…. we would hear the music…we would be on the 8th floor, but the bongos, they REACH UP there man… we used to keep the whole neighborhood up… GUANTANAMERA!

    -Thank you PA-blo (fornothin.jesuschristwhatamoron)

    Or do y’all remember CB4 with Chris Rock and Charlie Murphy?
    Did my post sound a little like the documentary that Chris Elliot is making, and he interviews the band the Butthole Surfers?

    “I remember the first time I heard the song ‘Sweat On My Balls,’ and it was amazing because I was making love to my girlfriend… and there was actually sweat on my balls!”

    On a random tangent about CB4. I was thinking how subtle and esoteric a social commentary that was… I hadn’t noticed that it was making fun of the fact that most of the journalists who are trying to document Hip Hop Kulture have no idea what they’re talking about.

  19. correction… sweat OF my balls.

    Take a trip down memory lane with CB4 and Phil Hartman…

    ^^^^ Ha ha I just realized this scene is set in Sacramento! Like they say out here, Sac hates Hip Hop.

  20. Chris Rock’s further thoughts on Rap songs about sweaty balls:

    I know everyone’s seen this.

  21. Did u see how that guy try to get at Obama at the press conference “why did it take you so long to react?” C’mon man the man is just getting started and they already trying to bring him down. SMH at some of these people

  22. its the renaissance vibe folks, anyway clef is a genuis and the most under rated artist in the game. see u in The Bahamas reinedianna and dupa3.

  23. clef the music has a renaissance vibe that will rock generations to come just like Bob Marley. The clef zone is not for The industry has always had a difficulty on whether clef zone is outside the genre of hip-hop, reggae or rock music but thats why the clef zone is one of renaissance experience.

  24. What up Clef, the renaissance musician , your music is not define by units sold but the inspiration and symbolism for disfranchise youths, Like Obama you have a platform that has inspire many that will never know. long live the clef zone, God Bless brother!

  25. Happy Sunday y’all! Hope all is well with everyone, and Clef we’re waiting for you to drop that “On Tour” blog movie…the fact that you mentioned it has me enticipating it’s contents, so Wyclef Jean Team, please make it happen.

    You said see you in the Bahamas! what’s going on over there bro?! I could use a trip to the Bahamas right about now!

  26. i live in The Bahamas , born to Haitians parents, so whenever u decide to come hit a brother up, u can email me @

  27. what up folks i hope all is well, hey clef . renaissance music coming canwait to sir with love to bang the street, we in dire need of the clef zone,

  28. I wan to tell you about this fella called Clef.. that I met one day..a long….long time ago..
    well there was a big concert scheduled for 3 days..with lots of world-renowned artist…booked….Anyway in a country that definitely can boast of a tropical climate. It hardly ever rains and it is usually hot as it is now…….it just happened to rain cats and dogs..on the weekend of the concert ..the entire weekend..
    Anybody in the music industry was there at the hotel (Whyndham Crystal Palace) where most of the artists resided.
    At the time I was managing a four-boy group ..and they were very talented…great harmony..but one of them loved to rap..
    So there we were many industry ppl. stuck in a lobby the slated arena was an open one so .. we spoke about challenging Clef..go over there and speak to him..he was on the great piano in the lobby..just playing and fooling around..imagine a free concert..with all kind of artists just falling all over each other in the lobby..
    Anyway things went our way and we got Clef into a battle..i don’t respect you just cause you are Clef.. cause when you have lots of P.R & Marketing ..then anyone can be we knew who this cat was buttttt,
    Well in the middle of the battle we looking at each other thinking …yeah he is talented but we can stand up to him..we gat him…so both of you were spitting back and forth LIVE was anyway the artists made one mistake..he said your clothes and jewelry were a fake….that triggered something ..and boom it was over those spit and rhymes came falling out your mouth like water from a waterfall.. you annihilated my boy..he then bowed to you as a sign of respect.. left no doubt in anyone’s mind earned your due as an artist ..the media did not make you ..and yes I have it on V.H.S not on d.v.d yet. .I did tell you it was a long time ago…
    You left a wonderful impression on many ppl.. that memorable weekend.
    and now I can call you Mr. Clef..

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