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What a blessed Tuesday, to come back from Florida and see all your comments.   I feel that the people that are following my blogs are the thinkers of the new generation.  Please tell a friend to tell a friend and let’s become a network of millions of thinkers!!!!!

I must say congrats to one frequent reader who had a new born girl.  These words are for your baby when she is old enough!!!  I have come unto you, so be my father and mother and I will be your child, forever.

If you haven’t seen the latest video blog, check it out.  Episode 5 and counting!

And now to the People’s Blog – YOUR words of wisdom… While there are a lot of really good comments, these were very profound and made me think…

**Did Atlas have a choice? The weight of the world IS on our shoulders, even if we don’t fully see it.

Ants can carry something much heavier than their own body weight.
People can do the mental equivalent of what ants do physically.
We need new ideas and new ways of looking at old ideas.
That epiphany of solution is the reason to accept the burden.

**Hey, don’t be sleepin on Dreams. After all, one can dream in an awakened state….thus Meditation, this is the stuff that shapes destinies. If the Shepherd boy had not had the dream about the treasure, he would not have realized his Personal Legend. Yes, he had to awaken from that dream to make it happen, however the Dream is very important here. So, one getting ‘Closer’ to ones Dreams is not indicative of a state of sleep or unconscious activity, it simply states the Dream sets the tone for the activity to be done in the awakened or conscious state…..SEEN!

**Who are the chosen ones? Show me this list. We are chosen because we say we are chosen. The universal truth is that we all are chosen. Some people think chosen means that you have to do something loud for the whole world to see but the little women working at McDonald’s emptying garbage cans offering strangers words of encouragement is chosen. The custodian working long after the children have left the school is chosen. The mom who does not want to get out of bed but does because her children are hungry and their clothes need to be ironed is chosen. Not to exclude anyone, the dad who stops by his baby mamas house to give a little something in case the kids are in need is chosen. We are all chosen, just different contributions. Am I chosen? Yes, deye mon gen mon.

**Ambition is not a measure of your desired destination, but a measure of what you’ll do to get there.

**Take me off your shoulders

I will not cease to exist

Put me by your side
I will be okay

Let us lay on our backs
And look at the sky

With each passing cloud
Another moment has gone by

As the sky grows dark
The stars light up

Take me off your shoulders
I will not cease to exist



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