Wyclef Jean’s Video Blog, Episode Five


  1. This one is hot Clef. Let me ask you something, I know you are a great inspiration for Haitians. I am one of them, I don’t know if you can do that. Can you have a blog talking about how to set up your mind to be successful in life and when I am in New York can I stop at Platinum Studio to visit you guys. Thanks Clef

  2. great video keep it up clef

  3. MY MAN can WORK a crowd!!!!!!! And Colbie… wow, girl’s got it goin’ ON! That is a badonkadonk!

  4. Bcause Love is Unconditional and all we have is the moment, I am thankful and we are all blessed that you share yourself with us in the myriad of ways that you do….you can be late on the blogs, give us two words or twenty…I am thankful for however, whenever! Now, movies…luvin Slumdog Milli. We need to get that Slumdog Flatbush/Haiti joint in development, WORD! And Jerry, SUN…keep rollin with the steadycam cause right now you are our eyes into the World of Clef! Give Thanks!

  5. I love this. I also like Colby Colait she is a good singer. Will this be televised? I would love to see the actual performance. I also love that you had that Slumdog actor in there. He was AMAZING in the movie!!! Don’t forget about us Wyclef. Sometimes when you skip a couple of days of blogging I think you’re gonna abandon us. LOL I would hate that because I really look forward to this every week! Have a blessed day and week, sir Wyclef…

  6. you need to go on a diet in order to lose weight… and your fantastic dreadlocks!
    But you’re wonderful Wyclef, a a poetic sensibility and a shrewd politician. Unfortunately appearance play a prominent part in communicating being realistic, and you can be marvellous!

  7. It’s super cool that your fans get to have a first hand look and feel of your performances like that, needless to say, I enjoyed the performance, particularly the part when you exchanged gears and started to hype up the crowd…I hope that pattern continues (winks) I also loved the mini interview with the Slumdog Millionaire star…would you believe that I’ve yet to see that movie? (shocking)! I definitely will make time to see it now, especially since you admitted you’re such a huge fan of the movie’s lead actor! anywho, I think you’re on the right track with this blog here…it allows you a medium to show your fans that you appreciate them when you make the time to update your blog and keep feeding the appetite for more Clef events and happenings. We appreciate you in turn by participating and showing you love. There may be many entertainers in this world, but there can only be one Clef…Keep doing you Star! (thumbs up)

    Peace and blessings always!!!

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