Philosophy – Are you the Chosen?

As I sit on a plane, leaving Miami heading back to New York, these are the thoughts floating through my mind.

Have you ever felt that the sole exsitence of everyone depended on you?  Where you felt the weight of the world on your shoulders?  Misunderstood by all? For they know not why you wish not to smile today, nor why you want to just be by yourself.  They call you anti-social and consider you rude.  

It is said that with great power comes great reponsibilty and that many are called, but a few are chosen. So i ask you, are you the chosen?  For if so, your very exsitence is like mine.  You live for others before living for yourself.  For I have watched my father follow the same principles when he was alive.  I am sure at times he did not want to laugh.  Listening to everyones problems.  He visted the sick everyday and made sure that he had words of inspiration at all times. But he did it because he knew with great power came greater responsibility.  But at times people forget that we are flesh and blood and treat us as if we dont bleed. Yes! We do bleed.  We do cry.  We do live.  We do die.

WYCLEF aka preachers son.   Look out for Mondays weekly video blog!


  1. Did Atlas have a choice? The weight of the world IS on our shoulders, even if we don’t fully see it.

    Ants can carry something much heavier than their own body weight.
    People can do the mental equivalent of what ants do physically.
    We need new ideas and new ways of looking at old ideas.
    That epiphany of solution is the reason to accept the burden.

  2. Did Atlas have a choice, or was Atlas chosen?

  3. WYCLEF!!!! I love this blog and being able to see this side of you. Okay here’s my two cents on this… I truly believe every single human being has a purpose in their lifetime on this earth. I, too, have fallen ‘the chosen one’ for my family for a lot of ways. I’m single and unattached, therefore taking care of my nieces/nephews and mother, sisters whether it be financially or physically is very much a common position that I hold in my life. Although I have my own struggles, I truly feel uplifted when I do this and believe heavily that it is part of my purpose here. Now, I’m sure your responsibilities towards the people in your life and even your own county are FAR GREATER than mine. But here’s the thing, DO IT SINCERELY OR DON’T DO IT AT ALL! REALLY KNOW WHO ARE DESERVING of this in your life and weed out the ones that are silently taking advantage of you. I know in your position it is often hard to know who truly loves you for YOU but I am quite sure you have the ‘soul’ to know intrinsically who those people are. You owe no one a favor, only and unless you sincerely feel that it is part of your ‘calling’. On the same token, I do believe it is absolutely part of humanity to GIVE BACK! But what I have learned is to take care of THYSELF first and foremost, not selfishly but JUSTLY.

    I can tell that underneath the WYCLEF JEAN onstage that most people know, that your heart is pure. I believe that it is for this very reason why you are so blessed to live the life you live, possess the luxuries that you possess, and what more is more rewarding than doing what YOU LOVE TO DO and get paid for it??? LOL This is my two cents… Care to give me a nickel back? LOL

  4. I’m back on the blog, Wyclef! I went thru some issues and was out of town for awhile but I’m back and glad to see that this wasn’t just some fairweather venture for you.

    Yes, I think in our own little ways we have taken up the role of being the chosen one in some way, shape, or form. But I might disagree a bit about something…you must live for yourself first before living for others. This is the only way you can proceed to live for others conversely enough. Buddha teaches this and so many other of our wise gurus as well. I think the weight that it bears on your shoulders could only get lighter if your perception should change about this responsibility. It’s like someone who goes to work everyday but completely despises his job. But rethinks it through and realizes that that very job provides for his family, gives him a sense of manhood, aids not only his family but the community as well, therefore concludes that he LOVES HIS JOB after all. Does that make sense at all?

  5. Take me off your shoulders
    I will not cease to exist

    Put me by your side
    I will be okay

    Let us lay on our backs
    And look at the sky

    With each passing cloud
    Another moment has gone by

    As the sky grows dark
    The stars light up

    Take me off your shoulders
    I will not cease to exist

  6. Of Course, we know. Just ensure that you have the proper means of regeneration. It takes an Empire to support a King, so that the King can support the Empire. Your SoulMate(s), and spiritual council have gifts to recharge you to begin again another day. Meditation, Yoga (yes! Yoga), proper nutrition, hands on therapy, salt baths, soul sweats…all that must be incorporated in your lifestyle. You have the resources, do not be delinquent, and you will continue to stand strong, because I ain’t gon lie…we need U!

  7. Concerning the misunderstood part, a lot of us can certainly relate! it’s so easy for people to misunderstand someone or assume untruths about said person, until they’ve walked in that person’s shoes isn’t it?

    The truth is, the people in question may see the Wyclef Jean superstar, but they do not know the struggles and or hardships Wyclef may be going through on a daily to survive and maintain just like the next guy.
    Maybe it is time for Wyclef to consider taking a nice vacation in order to sit back, relax and figure out ways on which to better balence living for Wyclef first, prior to living for everyone else? After all without
    taking care of self, thus eliminating stress and everything that comes with it, Wyclef will be incapable of helping other to begin with.

    Having said that, in order for Wyclef to start to feel at ease in his true element, such as, starting to live for self first while helping others, Clef needs to ask self the following question:
    What is Clef’s calling in life? and does Clef feel it’s the same as that of my Dad or something similar or completely different? Clef must truly take the time to pounder on these to finally determine what his true
    calling in life is…and then from then on, will be hopefully completely at piece with such calling.

    Side Notes:
    My dear wonderful Wyclef, keep in mind that the higher power might call on certain individuals to fulfill certain tasks, of which the tasks may not neccessarilly be identical. I feel that you’ve done a lot so far for our native country Haiti with things such as road cleaning, School for needy kids, charity work, donations, etc…There are a lot of other wealthy Haitians who could be doing the same thing, and you did not have to do
    these things either, but you did! something spoke to you, and you obeyed the call, and proceeded to do what you could do! that my friend was your calling! Ha ha! Yep! I am sure there are a lot of other talented
    potential superstars with Croix Des Bouquetian roots, but God chose you, you know why? perhaps because he already knew your makeshift and felt you would carry that task better than the other (s) would…Imagine
    winning awards after awards for Fugees, acquired riches beyond your wildest dream, and you still maintained a certain level of humbleness and wisdom equal to that of Solomon, for someone in your position.
    My dear, God only give people what they can handle, and if he felt you were not capable of handling this task, he would not have chosen you. Take pride in knowing that my dear.

    Personally, I think you’ve answered your calling and there is only so much you can do by yourself now. Be content with what you’ve done thus far and don’t allow yourself to become a slave to the call. Sure,
    more could still be done, and so many people might depend on you because of what you started doing to help, but the continuation of such things do not neccessarilly need to fall solely on your shoulders in order for them to be accomplished. Your heart is in the right place, but others need to start pitching in too and You said it yourself, you are only human Clef, although others may want to see you as this superman figure, the truth is after all you’re only human and there is only so much one human can do! so just relax and get comfortable in your own skin knowing that you’ve the best you could for others so far, and Start living for Clef first!

  8. Delegate that responsibility
    For even the chosen only have two hands

    And let’s go camping!

  9. Hey Wyclef. You’re awesome :)

    I have a few questions about being “chosen”:

    1 – How do you know if your chosen or not?

    2 – How do you differenciate “chosen” from “egotistical”?

  10. Hi.

    1. This is a bit weird. The Carnival was a seminal soundtrack to my teens. And now I’m writing you a message. Tres bizarre. Anyhoo, is there a translation of Yele anywhere online? I’ve looked and looked my my fingers are tired now. (Vaguely kinky. Or gross. Or both, perhaps.) My French is a little rough and ready but my Creole’s even worse.

    2. I don’t buy into all that ‘chosen’ stuff. I sincerely think that the universe is constantly striving for balance and that karma, or being ‘chosen’, isn’t because some omniscient being deems it to be anyone’s responsibility or punishment to behave in ways that bring balance. Rather that those with the innate capacity to be receptive to the universe, at any given moment in time, will be compelled to march down the path of least resistance. Or at least wander.

  11. Hey Star! where’s Monday’s Video Blog eh? O O!!!
    I kid, I kid! we know you’re busy in the lab and things and that takes precedence over all else, of course!…I suppose due to the delay on Monday’s video blog, we’ll get a nice surprise to make up for that eh? (sa’w di?) …what say you? (lol) see how we’re spoiled by this video blog of yours already?! (lol) but I am just goofing off as usual, hope all is well though hon, take precious care of you! (Muah)

  12. Who are the chosen ones? Show me this list. We are chosen because we say we are chosen. The universal truth is that we all are chosen. Some people think chosen means that you have to do something loud for the whole world to see but the little women working at McDonald’s emptying garbage cans offering strangers words of encouragement is chosen. The custodian working long after the children have left the school is chosen. The mom who does not want to get out of bed but does because her children are hungry and their clothes need to be ironed is chosen. Not to exclude anyone, the dad who stops by his baby mamas house to give a little something in case the kids are in need is chosen. We are all chosen, just different contributions. Am I chosen? Yes, deye mon gen mon.

  13. Hi Wyclef, when are you coming to Nouvelle-Écosse to see us? life is too short! our doors wide open…….Black Union……

    …merci, your Libra friend

    “Words fall from the pages
    Meaningless as the heavens touch the ages
    but the clock of life is wound but once
    In time even mountains will be crushed
    In one minute of the stary sky
    all is born and turned to dust
    Intrinsic in the nature of life
    is to ask our questions line by line
    but the nature of life and of nature itself reminds
    to accept the answers we’ll never find
    Just as inexplicable beauty remains
    the answer there in is contained
    in that some things should
    be left forever unexplained

    Though we long with arder towards the farther
    reaches of our tiny home
    Do we travel deeper towards the keeper
    of confusion in our souls
    or do we fall forever wishing to remember
    a past life forever lost
    somewhere between a collision of a dark energy and the gods
    herbs and stars & views from afar sewn together to remind
    that from meeting of the sand and sees to the furthest galaxies
    we all are of one kind
    The power to question in all its grandeur appears tame
    when the question and the answer is
    that some things should be forever left, unexplained

    The love of life is the question itself
    A changing of the cards we’re dealt
    Clarity is a fog
    A realization in the highs of exquisite pain
    Worlds collide but all the same
    in the course of life and the forces of change
    peace of mind is gained
    in the simple knowledge we can’t abolish
    some things always remain
    the scientist, the preacher
    the philosopher and the dreamer align
    in that some things should be forever left

  14. Wyclef,
    Jean-Paul again. my call came in January of 1996. My dreams began in April of that year. Coincidences have not stopped since. Believe the impact of this next step for Haiti is bigger for humanity than the revolution of 1804. Enjoy the day, JP

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