Mentality of the Lion

I write to you today from my hands to your eyes.  Behold the words of the wise but yet the fool.  Seek not for words of comfort, but words of confrontation.  For war is not the way of life.  But for some a city that is at war makes it easy to sell the firearms.  But if a city is peaceful, there is no need for arms.  They say the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Believe not these words if you are poor because I was once poor and a poor man’s destiny cannot be decided by a rich man.  So therefore, as the richer get richer, the poor shall rise from poverty and become wealthy.   Let’s not feel sorry for ourselves but feel sorry for those that can’t find a way out.  So they turn to the arms for survival in this concrete jungle.  For I am from the Jungle.  Therefore I understand the mentality of the Lion.  So children, believe not in failure, for success lies ahead.  

I leave you with these Wyclef words of wisdom.  The day brings the night – then back to the day.  The sun sets as the moon rises.  For no matter how dark it gets the sun will rise in the east.  Gamble not with the beast for you will never win because the coin that you bet heads on, has been tails all along.  



  1. wyclef you are just so amazin. you are a rare artist that actually truly inspire poeple to do for the better. i luv you and will always be your no 1 fan. God bless you

  2. wow!! this is really inspirational!
    I think the world would turn out much better if people have this way of thinking!
    Keep it up wyclef!

  3. I’m speechless.. Your words are one of a kind and helps me look at life in a different aspect.. through the eyes of an intelligent man, YOU!
    Wyclef, you talk with great meaning and I’m happy to see that you are sharing your words of wisdom and thoughts. =)

  4. Our ancestors survived by violence.

    Our children will survive by peace.

  5. Are domination and subordination reliant on compliance?
    What makes people choose compliance or defiance?
    Is it decided by coincidence or confidence?
    Is it knowledge of self, supreme science?

  6. So, is this what it looks like when ‘the meek shall inherit the Earth’?. People are straight wildin’out shooting up folks, their families because they are losing money. So is this to say our lives are worthless without these material possessions? Wow, all of their possessions and money gave the a false sense of power, of worth, of being the ‘strong’ yet they are showing themselves to be the weakest. Those of us who haven’t risen to a higher tax bracket have learned to survive in lean times….lean times unfortunately have been our reality in this society birthed from the backs, stomachs, and breasts of slaves. I’m growing my veggies in the backyard and seeking out a living space close to a natural water source…I’m gon be alright! All I need is a tent and a fire. lol but don’t get it twisted, still reachin for the stars and can see myself injoying a higher tax bracket or two. lol

  7. “The day brings the night – then back to the day. The sun sets as the moon rises. For no matter how dark it gets the sun will rise in the east.”

    Clef, thank you for your words of encouragement. It’s so important to remind one another… sometimes it’s hard to think of light in the midst of our darkness. I try to remember when the clouds are gray, the sky is dark and the winds of life are harsh… the sun is always shining and the sky is always blue above the storm. We see this when we fly in an airplane but sometimes forget when we’re on the ground. Even when the moon rises, the sun is still shining even though we cannot see it. So even when we cannot see the sun, God gives us light when the sky is dark.

    Darkness can never overcome the light. Even the smallest flicker of light can still be seen in the darkness because light is more powerful than darkness. A blind man can see this, why can’t we? Why do we forget our source of light when darkness comes into our lives? Are we afraid of the dark?

    “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

    * * * * *

    “Let’s not feel sorry for ourselves but feel sorry for those that can’t find a way out.” In my experience mentoring at-risk youth, gang members and pregnant teens in the projects, the story is always the same. They tell me, “Miss Elizabeth, we never knew we had options until you came into our lives”. It is absolutely our responsibility to go into the neighborhoods and teach the youth they, indeed, have options. Some of my fondest memories are from teens and young adults who accomplished something they were told they would never accomplish. All they needed was someone to have faith in them and show them what to do. Some got their GED’s, some were accepted to college, some completed their community service, some got jobs and some simply realized there was a better way and a greater purpose in their lives giving them the faith and hope they needed to make a real change. If everyone made time to consistently mentor just one child, teen or young adult… nations would be changed.

    Thanks for listening…

    Love you brother :)

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