My first blog posting

n811195_44042033_88381Welcome to my first blog. Wow! How exciting. I’m tripping though. The fact that all i do is press a button and the world can see what’s on my mind.

Well, let me start by telling you my name. You know me as Wyclef Jean. Now what is so funny to me about that is that my name, Wyclef Jean, is more famous then Wyclef the person. LOL. For example, people see me in places where, in their mind, Wyclef Jean would not be – the airport – without multiple body guards. Wyclef would not stop at Burger King or McDonalds for a Big Mac or a Whopper with Cheese, LOL. I remember once when me and Shakira were working on “Hips Don’t Lie” we went to McDonalds and ordered some fries and sat out on the pavement – just eating and talking. Shaky was barefoot – just chillin’, you know. Another hard day in the office – ha ha. People passed us and did not even notice us. Because in their mind, Shaky and Clef would not be sitting on the pavement, barefoot and eating fries without 100 body guards around. So you see, my name is more famous then me.

People say to me, “Is that your real name or stage name?” It is my real name. Well…sort of. My full name is Nel Ust Wycliffe Jean. I changed the spelling from Wycliffe to Wyclef. My daddy named me Wycliffe because he was a preacher and Wycliffe John was an English Theologian who translated the bible to English. Think about how the hell one kid from Haiti is named after an English man! My daddy was ahead of his time. So I say to you, those that read my blogs – be careful what you name your child for it will manifest in the future. If you name him Dameon Thorne, you might want to check the middle of his head. You might find the numbers “6 6 6″. LOL, OK, that was a movie I saw once. Maybe I’m getting carried away. Maybe not. I really don’t think I am. I had a few dogs in my time. One was named Killer. He was a German Shepherd. He would have been perfect for the White House, LOL. Well, not for the kids but for the Secret Service. He had a killer instinct. So, we named him Killer. Then there was a poodle I had once. I know what you’re thinking. You’re like…a rapper with a poodle…not gangster. LOL. His name was Einstein. He was the smartest dog I ever came across.

Enough with the name thing. Let’s talk about Washington DC this week. Oh My God! Jesus Christ. Allah the merciful. Rata Fari. Shalom. I never saw anything like that in my life. Let’s not talk politics now. Let’s talk about HISTORY. This is how it went down. When I got to DC, there were so many balls – like 100. I thought I was starting to make up the names of the balls. The Green Ball, The Mid-Atlantic Ball, The Youth Ball, The BET Ball, just to name a few. We played the Mid-Atlantic Ball with The Grateful Dead! But let me tell you, it was not easy moving around the city. It was mayhem. We had a crazy driver that was taking red lights, driving on the side walk – just so we would not miss the Mid-Atlantic Ball. I asked if she was Secret Service. She said, “No – Better!” She took an oath of secrecy – LOL. Then we went back to the BET Ball where it was the best ball in town. Why? Because there were no V.I.Ps – everybody was one. For example, as I was performing, I saw someone singing along in the front of the stage. I did a double-take. It was Colin Powell singing “No Woman, No Cry”. He requested it, so I played it. That was the ultimate high for me. But, it all started days before. The first ball I played was “The Green Ball”. We set the bar pretty high that night. Everyone would have to follow that!!! I wore an Obama bumper sticker on my forehead. Why? Why not! The Mayor of DC – Adrian Fenty – was there. He’s only 38! What a smart guy. And, he has swagerrrrrrrrrrr!!! So the Mayor asked us if we would come to his event the next night. It was on! I got to see T.I. – that kid is too cool for school. The swagger of a college kid – for real! He rocked it. And then, they put on “The Lion”. I’m referring to myself in the third person. LOL. We did what we do best. But, what I love was that it was for Education in the Schools. They used the music for awareness to get your attention – Love it! After us, was Fall Out Boy. I liked them too.

The day of the inauguration, was freezing. I did an interview with Greta Van Susteren and told her that I would be staying warm all day. Listen Greta, there was a shot of me on CNN in the audience. All the tips I gave you went out the window. I looked cold!!! Hahaha. But man, when Obama was getting sworn in, i cried. Yes, I did. Because it felt like everyone that sacrificed their lives so that one day, we would be free. Their soul can rest in peace now. My tears felt like when the rain falls on the harvest. So that the fruit can grow. Which reminds me of one last story.

I went to another ball for Rev. Al Sharpton. It was with the inner city youth and i saw how important it is to spread awareness for Education in the School. When i got there, people were telling me that they saw me on 60 Minutes with my foundation Yele Haiti and that they loved the work and were moved by the piece. I thanked them and spoke to the school. Afterwards, I said goodbye to Al, and when I was leaving and saw John McCain. He was coming in and I screamed really loudly, “Yo! McCain” He jumped like a kangaroo. LOLOL. My man. One peace of advice…get your swag up. Hahaha. You gotta love it.

Before Bush left, he left President Obama a letter to 44 from 43. I had a dream that this is what the letter said. To sir with love from 43 to 44, 4+3 is 7, so it has been said that the world was created in 7days. Therefore, I am lucky 7. So I use the luck of the 7 to rule the world. 44, remember there is nothing to fear but fear itself, so use fear to control the people and they will love you then hate you. History will decide the fate of the American people. 44, we are alike. 4+4 is 8. You see 44, I have reigned for 8 years and so will you. 44, tell no one but I know that you have better judgement than me, that’s why I am 43 and you are 44.

My last words for President Obama…Dance, my President. For this will be the last dance that you will have in a long time and even though I’m not a cabinet member, I will voice my opinions. We must put childish things away. As a boy, we think like boys. As men, we shall think like men. As men, we await the words of the King so that we can march to VICTORY!


  1. Hey Wyclef, I’ve become a big fan the past year of your music – listening to it now – and your work in Haiti. I’ve been interested in helping in some way. I’m currently reading “Mountains beyond Mountains” about Paul Farmer and his work in Haiti. I’ve also read about FONKOZE, bank for the poorest of Haiti doing amazing work. And your organization YELE HAITI. When will you be playing in NJ, NYC, PHILLY?

  2. Well said clef… Funny I saw that camera shot of you up there and man WE were cold too. I was on line since 2am. Still in all it was a great trip and I would do it again for Obama. I cried, I laughed, I screamed, I had many emotions all in one. Now I am ready to put in work. HAITI stand up!!! I want France to give us back our “independency ” dollars$$$$ Haiti nou la

  3. Good Afternoon Wyclef,

    I too attended the inauguration. I am a 55 year old Black woman, and never thought I would live to see the day that a Black man would be elected as President of the United States. What a glorious day it was for this Country and the whole world. President Obama is truly a man of God. I especially admire the way he gets involved with the community. My grandmother(God Bless her soul), always encourged us to help others, our doors (front and back)were always open to friends and strangers in need. May God Bless him and his family through this journey.

    I enjoyed watching the wonderful story of your life on the 60 Minutes program a couple of weeks ago. I volunteer my time with Seniors, it gives my soul so much peace and happiness. My Grandmother always said I have an old spirit. Your spirit reminds me of Bob Marley. “I have no fear of atomic enery, because none can stop the time”, therfore, we all need to spread the time we have left on this earth with others.and I am a true believer that I was put here to spread my love and laughter with the world, laughing is good for the heart and soul. I am going through a very difficult time financially, I have no fear that God will see me through.

    Well, stay strong Brother, keep spreading your love and spirit around this world, we truly could use more beautiful people like Wyclef Jean. Smile!!

  4. Hi Wyclef – I’m excited that you started your own blog. I saw your first post on GretaWire and then found your site after that. I was at the BET ball on Jan. 20 and I saw you perform – you were amazing! I got on stage when you asked for people to come up and dance. It was such a fun night. Very few people can actually say that they’ve seen Colin Powell sing at a live show! Keep up the posts!

  5. The history & meaning behind your name has not changed within you and your endeavors.

    You are still translating yourself:) Now that is a powerful testimony of you and your father!

    May he rest in peace.

  6. Hey, Wyclef, are you really going to read my comment? Stop over and say “hi” at my blog. That would be AMAZING. I’m hoping to go to Haiti this spring. Take care. :)

  7. Wyclef, I look forward to meeting you one day! You are truly a
    Rare GEM!!

  8. Your an amazing person!
    Love ya!

  9. I enjoyed this blog tremendously. You are such a force to be reckoned with Wyclef. God bless your soul

  10. I really enjoyed your take on the inauguration, the energy of the city must have been amazing. Such a great day for our nation – I still remember hearing you sing “Obama for President” at the Joint in Las Vegas last summer. Just the atmosphere there with the thought that he might win was overwhelming – so I’m sure actually being there was a dream come true.

    It’s so rare to see a “celebrity” that actually blogs & about real stuff – so props to you! I’m sure news will spread fast and your blogs will be hit with so many comments you’ll never keep up! You are one talented man and I can’t wait for more music. I own all your albums and my 4 year old knows many of the songs well!

    Shalom & stay blessed!

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